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Liberal host admits to Left’s plan of buying votes


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The radical Left is willing to do anything to secure the White House in November. But no one expected them to confess to this shocking secret.

And a liberal host has admitted to the Left’s plan of buying votes.

In a recent broadcast of MSNBC’s 11th Hour, host Stephanie Ruhle addressed accusations from Republicans that President Joe Biden is attempting to buy votes with his student loan forgiveness plans.

She claimed that fulfilling campaign promises to certain groups is a common political strategy and pointed out that Republicans, including former President Donald Trump, do the same by cutting taxes and letting people keep more of their own money.

However, what the Left appears to be doing is not simply “fulfilling campaign promises.”

Ruhle’s comments came in response to criticisms from GOP members who argue that Biden’s student loan forgiveness program unfairly benefits college graduates while neglecting those who did not attend college.

“If he’s doing this for college grads, what about all the people who don’t go to college? They get nothing, they’re left out,” Ruhle said, highlighting the Republican perspective.

She went on to argue that this form of targeted assistance is a standard political maneuver. “Isn’t that how politics works?” she asked.

“The carried interest loophole only helps the private equity industry. It doesn’t help us. Corporate tax cuts only help corporations. It doesn’t help the rest of us. When Donald Trump goes down to Mar-a-Lago and says, I’m going to lower your taxes, he’s lowering the taxes of the richest of the rich people.”

From a conservative viewpoint, there is a fundamental difference between Biden’s approach to student loan forgiveness and Republican tax cuts.

Republicans argue that cutting taxes, especially on businesses and high-income earners, stimulates economic growth and benefits everyone, including those who do not directly receive tax cuts.

Tax cuts are seen as a means to empower individuals and businesses to invest, expand, and create jobs, which in turn leads to broader economic benefits.

When businesses are relieved of excessive tax burdens, they have more capital to hire employees, increase wages, and lower prices for consumers.

This trickle-down effect is a cornerstone of conservative economic theory, emphasizing that a rising tide lifts all boats.

Critics of Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan argue that it is a blatant attempt to buy votes by pandering to a specific demographic: college graduates, many of whom lean Democratic.

They contend that this policy unfairly shifts the financial burden onto taxpayers, including those who did not attend college or have already paid off their loans.

Furthermore, conservatives argue that student loan forgiveness does nothing to address the root causes of rising tuition costs and the growing student debt crisis.

Instead, it sets a dangerous precedent by encouraging irresponsible borrowing and diminishing the incentive to make prudent financial decisions.

Ruhle’s comparison between Biden’s student loan forgiveness and Republican tax cuts oversimplifies the issue.

While both can be seen as fulfilling campaign promises, the economic philosophies behind them are vastly different.

Republican tax cuts aim to stimulate economic growth across all sectors by increasing disposable income and incentivizing investments.

In contrast, student loan forgiveness is a one-time financial relief that does not promise long-term economic benefits.

We cannot allow the Left to continue pushing their harmful and destructive radical agenda.

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