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Bill Barr drops major Trump conviction news that is making heads spin


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Trump has officially become the first convicted felon former president. But this roller coaster ride is far from over.

And now Bill Barr dropped major news about Trump’s conviction that is making heads spin.

The Democrats and Joe Biden have terrible approval ratings on nearly every issue important to Americans.

Whether it’s the economy, immigration, foreign aid and affairs, or social agendas, they lose badly.

That’s why they’ve chosen to bypass all of the traditional rhetoric surrounding elections and focus on Trump as a man.

They’ve pushed different trials and now have the coveted “convicted felon” title and have been hammering it constantly.

But it could backfire big time.

Former U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr spoke on Fox Across America on Wednesday to discuss his reaction to President Trump’s conviction on 34 charges of falsifying business documents.

“When people were talking about it, I said that the case was an abomination, and I didn’t think it was going to be brought at the end of the day because it was so vaporous,” Barr told Jimmy Failla, an anchor at Fox News.

“I was surprised they went ahead with it… it was an abomination. And everyone’s talked about that. But you think about, how are the American people going to react in a very close election if Trump loses and this case is overturned – which it will be, this case will be overturned,” he said.

Barr, who was the attorney general under Trump, also discussed how Trump’s verdict could affect his 2024 presidential candidacy.

“It’s unfair to the voter. And, you know, the co-conspirator in all of this is the mainstream media. Yeah. Who will not talk about the issues or give honest reports on anything,” he said.

“I think the Justice Department knows that the facts alleged in this case would not have constituted a federal campaign violation,” Barr stated.

“If they keep this gag order on them. Again, it’s unprecedented and crazy that you have a major candidate who can’t defend himself.”

To the surprise of many, Trump’s guilty conviction flipped a switch in the minds of voters of all political affiliations.

“We were told that Donald Trump would be the end of democracy, but it turns out that lawfare tactics have been escalated by the Democrats and not by the Republicans. And so it’s from that backdrop that I believe the Republican Party is less of a danger to democracy than the Democratic Party right now,” former Hillary Clinton supporter, Shaun McGuire, told The Free Press.

University of Chicago law school professor Adam Mortara, also told The Free Press, “What’s gotten me off the sidelines is that if he does not win, and by a rather sizable margin, that will validate this type of weaponization of the judicial system in the future. Before, I would’ve said it’s not a danger to America if Joe Biden wins the election. Now, I kind of think it is.”

Barr went on to discuss the disparity in the legal system’s treatment to the cases of Hunter Biden’s laptop and Trump’s criminal charges, calling the difference “absolutely interference” and mentioning the media as “co-conspirators in the whole laptop thing.”

Meanwhile, Trump urges voters to use “every appropriate tool to beat the Democrats.”

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