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Hunter Biden’s wife went off the rails in unexpected and unhinged rant


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The Biden family is crumbling. Even the in-laws are getting in on the action.

And Hunter Biden’s wife went off the rails in an unexpected and unhinged rant.

Hunter’s trial is just starting to gear up, and who knows how it will end.

Will it be time for justice to finally visit the Biden family with jail time?

Or will Hunter slither out of the courtroom a free man?

Regardless of what happens, tempers are flaring on both sides, and even his wife is taking it hard.

Melissa Cohen-Biden, Hunter Biden’s wife, slammed former Trump White House adviser Garrett Ziegler in the hallway of the courthouse where her husband is currently facing charges related to a 2018 gun purchase.

During a break in the proceedings on Tuesday, Cohen-Biden allegedly approached and chastised Ziegler.

“I witnessed a dramatic moment a few minutes ago in the hallway outside courtroom: Hunter Biden’s wife Melissa Cohen-Biden approached former Trump aide Garett Ziegler and said ‘you have no right to be here you N*zi piece of s***!’” Sarah Fitzpatrick from NBC posted via X.

She went on to add that Ziegler said nothing to Cohen-Biden, but did speak about the confrontation later.

“Ziegler did not respond to her, but told me after that ‘for the record I’m not a N*zi I’m a believer in the US constitution. I haven’t said one thing to them.’”

“It’s sad. I’ve been sitting here the whole time and haven’t approached anyone,” Ziegler added.

According to Fitzpatrick’s entire account for NBC News, after the outburst, Cohen-Biden returned to the courtroom and sat next to first lady Jill Biden.

When questioned later, Cohen-Biden told NBC that Ziegler had used “the most horrific Jewish slurs” against her and urged that the former Trump adviser be asked why he had never used “Jewish slurs” when referring to his ex-boss’ son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

Ziegler firmly denied expressing such things in a text: “Melissa’s statements to you are absurd. I’ve never called her a slur. It’s all made up.”

This wouldn’t be the first time the Left has cried racism to try to make things out to be worse than they were.

Years ago, Chuck Schumer recounted the events of January 6th as if he was being targeted for death because of his ethnicity – a claim without any supporting evidence:

Ziegler, who worked on trade policy in Trump’s White House, also launched Marco Polo, a company dedicated to publicizing the contents of Hunter Biden’s now-infamous laptop.

In September 2023, Hunter Biden sued Ziegler and Marco Polo, saying that their efforts to construct a searchable database of his correspondence violated federal law.

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