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Donald Trump has a trip-wire trap waiting for him when he gets back in office


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Former President Trump is the favorite to win a second term in the White House. What’s waiting for him should scare him.

Because there’s a trip-wire trap waiting for Donald Trump when he steps back into the Oval Office.

Donald Trump is no stranger to having a political atmosphere that is completely against him and willing to do anything to usurp him. The American intelligence agencies were openly contradicting the Trump administration during his first four years in office. Mr. Trump should expect nothing less in a second term.

In fact, Democrats are already planning ways to usurp Donald Trump because they are planning on Trump winning a second term. Their plans are so devious it’s truly disgusting.

ACLU Outlines Plans to Counter Potential Trump Immigration Policies

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has unveiled its comprehensive strategy to counter former President Donald Trump’s immigration agenda should he win the upcoming presidential election. The plan, announced on Thursday, includes a mix of legal actions, lobbying efforts, and collaboration with liberal officials to thwart Trump’s initiatives aimed at curbing illegal immigration. The ACLU contends that these initiatives are both unethical and illegal, as detailed in a memo released by the organization.

During Trump’s first term, the ACLU successfully challenged several immigration policies, including attempts to dismantle the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. The ACLU’s memo predicts that a second Trump term would involve mass deportations, attacks on birthright citizenship, restrictions on public services for illegal immigrants, family separations, and human rights violations at the border.

The ACLU emphasizes that litigation will be a critical tool in their response. Should Trump initiate mass deportations, the organization plans to challenge these actions in court under the Fourth Amendment, citing racial profiling and violations of constitutional protections against unreasonable searches and seizures. The ACLU argues that Trump’s proposed policies would lead to unconstitutional practices such as suspicionless interrogations, unwarranted arrests, and searches without proper justification.

Additionally, the ACLU is prepared to contest the detention of illegal immigrants under the Fifth Amendment, which protects against arbitrary or punitive civil detention. The memo points out that even noncitizens have a liberty interest in freedom from imprisonment, as recognized by the Supreme Court.

The organization also plans to collaborate with coalition partners in Congress to hinder Trump’s deportation efforts through the budgetary process. For example, by limiting the budget for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Congress could make large-scale deportations more difficult to execute. The ACLU intends to deploy lobbyists to advocate for restrictions on where Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents can operate.

At the state level, the ACLU will encourage states to deny federal authorities access to local law enforcement resources, push for governors to pardon criminal illegal aliens to prevent their deportation, lobby for state laws allowing illegal immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses, and seek state funding for the legal defense of immigrants facing deportation.

The ACLU’s efforts are part of a broader coalition, including organizations like Protect Democracy, the Institution for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection at Georgetown University, and Democracy Forward, all of which are preparing strategies to resist a potential second Trump administration.

The Biden administration is also taking steps to secure the positions of bureaucrats in anticipation of potential Trump-led administrative restructuring.

Public opinion on Trump’s proposed immigration remains much more popular than Joe Biden’s. An Axios poll from April shows that 51% of Americans, including 45% of Latinos, support mass deportations of illegal immigrants. Another poll by Decision Desk HQ/News Nation in May found that 46% of voters believe Trump would better handle border issues compared to 26% for Biden.

As the presidential race tightens, Trump holds a slim lead over Biden in the RealClearPolitics polling average. Recent polls indicate that Trump is ahead in several battleground states, though Biden is beginning to narrow the gap in some key areas.

Meanwhile, the ACLU continues to challenge current immigration policies, including a lawsuit against the Biden administration’s recent executive order restricting asylum claims at the border. This demonstrates the organization’s ongoing commitment to protecting “immigrant rights” regardless of the administration in power.

It’s all about the radical Leftists behind the organization who are gaining more and more power within the Democrat party.

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