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Bombshell election shake-up hits Trump’s desk and now Democrats are worried


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The Left has put all their hopes in convicting Trump. But now it may have come back to bite them.

Because this bombshell election shake-up hit Trump’s desk and now Democrats are worried.

It almost seems like there’s nothing Biden can do to stop the bleeding.

Former President Donald Trump’s conviction in the hush money case hardly moved the needle in the 2024 presidential election, which is still too close to call, according to a recently released survey.

According to a CBS News/YouGov poll released on Sunday, 55% of potential voters said the New York jury’s guilty verdict on May 31 is “not a factor” in their selection on presidential candidates, while 28% labeled it a “major factor” and 17% said it was a “minor factor.”

Mr. Trump won 50% of the vote in the national election, while President Biden received 49%.

In battleground states, the numbers were reversed, with 49% choosing Trump and 50% supporting Biden.

“Voters say Donald Trump’s guilty verdict pales in importance compared to issues like the economy, inflation, and the border, so while it hasn’t dramatically reshaped the Presidential race, that race today is essentially tied in likely voter preference nationally, and across the battleground states,” the polling analysis said.

Most Republicans saw the charges as Trumped-up: 80% say Mr. Trump was charged on “directions from the Biden administration,” while 94% of Democrats cited “directions from local prosecutors.”

Where the ruling may have influenced the election is in the motivations of Biden backers.

A majority, or 54%, of Biden supporters now say their primary motivation for backing the Democratic incumbent is “to oppose Trump,” up from 47% in March.

Only 27% of Biden voters indicated their top rationale is “I like Biden,” a decrease from 31% in March.

Mr. Biden does best when voters are focused on his opponent. For Americans who perceive the campaign as a “judgment about Trump,” Mr. Biden leads 66-34%.

Those who see the contest as a “judgment about Biden” vote 66-34% for Mr. Trump.

When the race is framed as “comparing Biden and Trump,” the Republican wins with 53% to 47%.

Voters’ primary motivator is their financial situation: The economy was the most important problem for 81% of respondents, followed by inflation, the “state of democracy,” crime, the southern border, and weapons regulation. Only 28% led with the phrase “Trump conviction.”

In terms of personal attributes, Americans believe Mr. Trump is more “tough,” “energetic,” “effective,” and “competent,” whereas Mr. Biden is more “compassionate.”

The poll, conducted on June 5-7 with 2,063 adult residents in the United States, contains an oversample of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. The margin of error for registered voters is +/-3.8%, while for all adults it is +/-3.2%.

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