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CNN tanks the Biden campaign with a bombshell report no one saw coming


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Joe Biden should be panicking. Even CNN couldn’t ignore the facts anymore.

And CNN just tanked Biden’s campaign with this bombshell report that no one could’ve seen coming.

The Biden campaign is up against it trying to get Joe Biden a second term in the White House. Donald Trump is as strong as ever, as all the polls are suggesting that if the election were held today he would wipe the floor with Biden and the Democrats. When states like New York are reportedly in play for Donald Trump, you know there’s a problem for the Democrats.

At one point, there were loud voices saying that it was almost certain that Joe Biden would be forced to step aside and allow another Democrat candidate swoop in to take on the popular-as-ever Donald Trump. That theory died down as Democrat Party officials released statements saying they were fully behind Joe Biden as the likely nominee for the Dems.

That theory went away for a little while, but now it’s back. Why? Because once again there’s more signals being put out that Democrats and Democrat-friendly media is very concerned that Joe Biden’s efforts for a second term are going to be in vain because he’s so unpopular.

Even CNN is admitting to read the writing on the wall that Joe Biden is an exceptionally weak and vulnerable incumbent Presidential candidate. Once again, Democrats are panicking and sounding the alarm. This is reviving the theory that Joe Biden won’t be allowed to make it to the general election season.

CNN’s John King’s Warning on Biden’s Fragile Coalition

CNN’s John King raised alarms on Thursday about the fragile nature of President Joe Biden’s coalition compared to that of former President Donald Trump. King highlighted this concern by pointing to a May New York Times/Siena College poll that revealed Biden’s significant loss of support among Black and Hispanic Americans across six key swing states. These demographic shifts pose a substantial challenge for Biden, especially in Michigan, where the cracks in his coalition are most visible.

During a segment on “CNN News Central,” King discussed the difficulties Biden faces in appealing to Black, Hispanic, blue-collar, and young Americans. These groups are crucial for his reelection bid, yet they appear to be drifting away. “All the cracks in the Biden coalition, you can find them in Michigan,” King remarked to host Kate Bolduan. He emphasized the state’s pivotal role, noting that despite these issues, the race remains incredibly tight.

The Michigan Battleground

Michigan serves as a microcosm of Biden’s broader electoral challenges. Members of the United Auto Workers expressed support for Trump, citing dissatisfaction with electric vehicle mandates and economic concerns. According to the RealClearPolling average, Trump leads Biden by a slim margin of 0.3% in Michigan, and the two are tied when third-party candidates are included.

Bolduan asked King to compare the complexities of the coalitions supporting Biden and Trump. King explained that the Democratic coalition is inherently more complicated due to its diverse components, including Black and Latino turnout, blue-collar voters, and young Americans.

“The Democrat coalition is more complicated because it has more pieces,” King noted. He pointed out that young voters, who have been instrumental for Democrats in recent elections, are particularly disillusioned with Biden over issues like the Israel-Hamas conflict.

In contrast, Trump’s coalition faces a singular but significant problem: appealing to voters who previously supported Nikki Haley. These voters, often traditional Republicans, might have backed Trump in 2016 but switched to Biden in 2020. “A lot of them went to Biden in 2020. They don’t like either one of them,” King explained. He highlighted the challenge of consolidating these voters, as evidenced by Haley’s continued support in states like Indiana.

Adding to the Democratic Party’s concerns, strategist James Carville and television personality Donny Deutsch voiced their worries about losing Hispanic male voters. In a podcast episode aired on Thursday, Carville issued a stark warning: “We’re gonna lose Hispanic males. We’re gonna [censored] lose ’em.” This sentiment Demonstrates the urgent need for the Democratic Party to address the discontent among key demographic groups if Biden is to secure a second term.

The fragility of Biden’s coalition presents a significant hurdle in the upcoming election, with diverse and critical voter groups showing signs of wavering support. In contrast, Trump’s coalition, though facing its own challenges, appears more unified. The outcomes in swing states like Michigan will be crucial in determining the success of each candidate’s electoral strategy.

Back in May, John King made waves for criticizing Joe Biden for ignoring the concerns that Americans have about the state of the economy, saying that the American people don’t want to be told they’re “wrong” by Washington, D.C.

Will Joe Biden make it to the general election season against Donald Trump? If you ask us, we’re not entirely sure.

The Conservative Column will keep you updated on any major Biden campaign news and Trump campaign news.


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