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Maxine Waters goes off the rails in an unhinged rant against Donald Trump


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Trump Derangement Syndrome is alive and well. Even the most high-profile Leftists aren’t immune.

And now Maxine Waters went off the rails in an unhinged rant against Donald Trump.

Ever since the outset of Trump’s first run for president back in the 2016 election, Democrats have completely lost their minds.

It started with fake news coverage and claims that he colluded with Russia.

It progressed to calling Trump an “enemy to Democracy” and an “insurrectionist.”

Now some leading Democrats are saying he’s actually a k*ller just waiting for an opportunity.

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) made a controversial statement over the weekend, suggesting that if former President Donald Trump wins re-election, “millions” of people could be threatened and “k*llings” could occur.

Waters’ comments came during a Sunday interview on MSNBC when she was asked if she was worried about her safety if Trump were to win.

“I’m very concerned, not only about my safety and not only about the safety of members of Congress,” she claimed.

“I’m concerned about the safety of so many people in this country, particularly people of color. Donald Trump has said that if he does not win, it is going to be fraud, and because it is going to be fraud, there will be blood in the streets. He threatens about a civil war, and he threatens there’s going to be violence.”

How insane can one person get?

Critics argue that Waters is engaging in fear-mongering and exaggerating the potential consequences of a Trump victory.

“I would say all of this talk is motivational with many of those who are racist, who are sitting at home listening to him, and they are taking him up on his threats even before the elections take place,” she continued.

“It is about thousands, maybe millions of people being threatened and being at risk because of Donald Trump and his desire to seek revenge on anything and everybody.”

Waters also linked Trump’s statements to the January 6 riot, predicting more violence, which some see as an attempt to further vilify Trump supporters.

“I think Donald Trump has to take responsibility for what he is saying about blood in the streets and violence if he is not elected to be the president of the United States of America,” she said.

Her remarks have sparked a backlash from those who believe she is irresponsibly inflaming tensions and spreading baseless accusations – something the Left often accuses Republicans of doing.

But what else should we expect? Just a month ago, she claimed Trump supporters were training for a coordinated attack:

She’s obviously lost her grip on reality.

Stay tuned to the Conservative Column.


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