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Biden’s DOJ put Americans in danger with this boneheaded move


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For years now Americans all across the nation have been worried about the integrity of the Biden Justice Department. But now, their worries are reality.

Because the DOJ put Americans in danger with this boneheaded move.

In a move that raises serious questions about justice and corporate accountability, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) is reportedly offering Boeing a plea deal over fraud charges related to the tragic crashes of two 737 Max jets, which claimed the lives of 346 people.

The crashes, occurring in Indonesia in 2018 and Ethiopia in 2019, shook the aviation world and exposed significant flaws within Boeing’s operations and the broader regulatory framework.

According to reports, the plea deal would require Boeing to admit to fraud and accept oversight by an independent monitor to ensure compliance with anti-fraud laws.

This comes after the DOJ concluded that Boeing violated a 2021 agreement that sought to resolve a charge of conspiracy to defraud the federal government related to these crashes.

The essence of the 2021 case was that Boeing misled regulators about the safety of the 737 Max and manipulated pilot training requirements, crucial factors that contributed to the disasters.

The families of the victims were informed about this plea deal through a video call with DOJ officials, a move that has only added to their frustration and grief.

They expressed strong opposition to the deal, demanding more substantial penalties and a criminal trial to hold Boeing fully accountable.

The families and their lawyers argue that the proposed deal does not sufficiently acknowledge Boeing’s role in the deaths of their loved ones, and they advocate for a fine of $24.8 billion and a thorough criminal proceeding.

Mark Lindquist, a lawyer representing some of the families, has been particularly vocal about Boeing’s ongoing safety issues.

He highlighted the Max 9 door plug blowout as an example of continuing problems, underscoring the need for rigorous accountability and systemic changes within the company. “In all of our cases against Boeing, I’m aiming not just for justice and accountability, but for Boeing to get its act together,” Lindquist stated, emphasizing the broader goal of ensuring that such tragedies do not recur.

The plea deal has sparked outrage among the families who feel it amounts to a “sweetheart deal” that lets Boeing off the hook too easily.

Paul Cassell, another attorney for the families, criticized the deal for failing to explicitly acknowledge that Boeing’s actions resulted in the deaths of 346 people. This lack of acknowledgment is seen as a grave injustice to the victims and their families.

Sanjiv Singh, representing 16 families, echoed this sentiment, describing the plea offer as “extremely disappointing” and indicative of preferential treatment.

Singh pointed out that the terms of the deal appear lenient, suggesting that Boeing’s substantial resources and influence may have played a role in shaping the outcome.

The DOJ’s handling of this case is crucial not only for the families involved but also for public trust in the justice system’s ability to hold powerful corporations accountable.

A conviction, if pursued and achieved, could have severe implications for Boeing, including jeopardizing its status as a federal contractor. Such a development would send a strong message about the importance of corporate responsibility and adherence to safety standards.

The proposed plea deal also highlights the broader issue of regulatory capture, where industries exert undue influence over the agencies meant to oversee them.

Critics argue that Boeing’s ability to negotiate such favorable terms is indicative of a broken system that prioritizes corporate interests over public safety and justice.

As the deadline for Boeing to accept or reject the plea deal approaches, the families and their legal teams are preparing to challenge the agreement in court.

They plan to ask the Texas judge overseeing the case to reject the plea deal if Boeing agrees to it, insisting on a more transparent and rigorous judicial process.

The DOJ’s proposed plea deal with Boeing has ignited a firestorm of criticism from the families of crash victims and their advocates. They argue that true justice requires a full criminal trial and substantial penalties that reflect the gravity of Boeing’s actions.

This case serves as a stark reminder of the importance of corporate accountability and the need for a robust regulatory framework that prioritizes public safety over corporate profits. As the situation unfolds, all eyes will be on the DOJ and the courts to see whether justice will be served.

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