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CNN admission about Joe Biden has Democrat headquarters on fire


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The beginning of the end has arrived for Joe Biden. Even CNN is acknowledging it.

And this stunning CNN admission about Joe Biden has the Democrat headquarters on fire.

CNN Host Challenges Representative Wasserman Schultz’s Claim on Biden Debate Concerns

On Monday, CNN host John Berman disputed Democratic Florida Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s statement that President Joe Biden’s debate performance is limited to “elites.”

During Thursday’s debate with former President Donald Trump, Biden spoke with a raspy voice and at times seemed to trail off, sparking worries about his age and fitness for office. Wasserman Schultz attempted to downplay these concerns by suggesting they originated mainly from “elites” rather than ordinary Americans. However, Berman countered her assertion, expressing his disagreement.

“This is a conversation, honestly, John, that is taking place among elites,” Wasserman Schultz stated on CNN News Central.

Berman responded, “I just don’t think that’s true, congresswoman. I think anyone who was anywhere this weekend, talking to anybody, the subject of discussion was the debate and President Biden’s performance. I don’t think that discussion is limited to members of Congress.”

Wasserman Schultz clarified that her definition of “elites” extends beyond members of Congress. Though her “clarification” felt more like she was caught trying to label everyday Americans and Democrat voters as “elites” just because they aren’t willing to defend the president’s plentiful and well-documented mental decline.

“There are certainly a greater breadth of how I would define elites. My constituents at home, voters across this country, are not focused on what The New York Times or the Atlanta Journal-Constitution discuss. They’re not concerned with the political elites’ concerns. They care about having a president like Joe Biden, who fights to lower inflation and reshore American jobs, as we did with the Chips and Science Act.”

“When I’m home among my constituents, they care about the bottom line in their lives and avoiding a president like Donald Trump, who attempted to overturn a legitimate election and filled his administration with unethical people focused on enriching themselves and Trump.”

You can watch the clip from the CNN segment using the video player below.

Wasserman Schultz emphasized the importance of having a president who supports the American people rather than one who, in her words, gives them “the back of his hand” as Trump did. “At the end of the day, we need to stop the hand-wringing. We have less than five months to an election and less than two months to the convention. We need to focus on organization, not on a 90-minute debate performance.”

The Devil You Know vs. the Devil You Don’t

Replacing Biden with another Democratic candidate poses significant practical, political, and legal challenges. Despite some Democrats raising the possibility, Biden has shown no intention of stepping down as the party’s nominee.

Most conservatives agree that they’d prefer Joe Biden stay in the race because it would be an easy win for Donald Trump at this point. He was already leading in the national surveys (a major change from 2020) and was on his way to a likely win in November even before the debate took place. That debate only made matters worse for Joe Biden, as everyone knows.

For the Democrats, though, they are trying to decide between the devil they know and the devil they don’t. The devil they know is that Joe Biden is extremely unpopular and his mental faculties are failing him with the American people watching this take place. It is only getting worse as every week and month passes by. That obviously leads many within the party to wonder if they need to press the red button and kick Biden to the curb.

That brings us to the devil they don’t know. They could pull the plug on Joe Biden, so to speak, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they will be in a better position. The optics might be so bad at this point if they try and end Joe Biden’s campaign before the November election. Would Americans feel right voting for a Democrat replacement when they know that Democrats could have replaced Joe Biden long ago? The poisoning of their race is on the line here.

They are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Saying it’s just “elites” trying to get Joe Biden replaced doesn’t help their cause either. Americans from all backgrounds can see the obvious abuse of an elderly man on display with the way Joe Biden’s allies are trying to so desperately keep him upright for a November run.

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