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Biden’s mass amnesty move just sent Capitol Hill up in flames

The Left has been pushing for mass migration ever since Biden took office. Now they're finally going for broke. And Biden's mass amnesty move just...

Sudden attack on Lindsey Graham shuts down Capitol Hill

There are plenty of people in politics who will stoop to any low to get what they want. But this is beyond the pale. And...

GOP Senator calls Biden one word that left him fuming in anger

Tensions are high on Capitol Hill. The Left and the Right are at each other's throats. And now a GOP Senator called Biden one word...

Major VP announcement sends Capitol Hill into hysterics

We already know who's running to take the helm in the White House. Now the running mate has finally been exposed. And a major VP...

Attack on the U.S. left Capitol Hill completely dumbfounded

We're used to enemies abroad threatening our country. But this one just came from within. And an attack on the U.S. left Capitol Hill completely...

Joe Biden is spiraling after Mike Johnson hit him with a devastating reality check

The White House is desperately trying to buoy Biden's image. But it's proving to be an impossible task. And now Joe Biden is spiraling after...


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