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Trump’s new plans to upset CNN has Liberals scared


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The radical Left is trying to bully their way into the White House in 2024. But true Americans are fighting back so that won’t happen.

And now Trump’s new plans to upset CNN have Liberals terrified.

The gloves are off in the Republican primary, and the battleground is shifting away from the traditional debate stage.

Former President Donald Trump, the undisputed frontrunner, has thrown a wrench into the established campaign script by partnering with Fox News for a town hall event directly competing with CNN’s upcoming GOP debate.

Scheduled for January 10th, the Trump town hall in Des Moines, Iowa, aims to steal the spotlight from the CNN debate featuring his two main rivals, Governor Ron DeSantis and former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley.

This strategic move signals Trump’s continued dominance and his willingness to bypass the conventional primary machinery.

Fox News touts the event as “a focus on the leading issues facing voters ahead of the Iowa Caucus,” offering a platform for Trump to directly engage with voters without the filter of moderators or rival candidates.

His last joint interview with Fox anchors Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum garnered praise even from Democrats, and a repeat performance holds the potential to further solidify his connection with conservative viewers.

This decision is not without its critics.

Some see it as Trump’s attempt to avoid scrutiny and control the narrative.

Trump’s absence from the CNN debate could leave Haley and DeSantis to duke it out for the coveted pre-caucus swing states, while Trump charms swing voters on Fox News.

Haley, however, has challenged Trump to directly engage with his opponents on the CNN stage.

“As the debate stage continues to shrink,” she said, “it’s getting harder for Donald Trump to hide.”

This statement echoes the frustration of several candidates who feel overshadowed by Trump’s larger-than-life presence.

Meanwhile, the Republican National Committee’s decision to remove CNN from the official sanctioned debate schedule adds another layer of intrigue to the situation.

This move effectively hands more power to individual networks and candidates, allowing for alternative platforms to emerge like Trump’s Fox News town hall.

The upcoming week promises to be a turning point in the Republican primary. With Trump taking his own stage and DeSantis and Haley facing off on CNN, voters will have a clear choice between different approaches and personalities.

While Trump’s absence might be seen as a missed opportunity for direct comparison, his solo town hall could solidify his base and offer him unfiltered control over his message.

One thing is certain: the traditional path to the Republican nomination is being reshaped. Whether through debates, town halls, or alternative media platforms, the candidates are finding new ways to reach voters and make their case.

In this evolving landscape, Trump’s bold move to go his own way could prove to be either a masterstroke or a misstep.

Only time will tell if this calculated gamble will bring him closer to the Oval Office or alienate potential supporters seeking direct engagement with their candidate.

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