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America under grave threat from China new discovery shows


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Joe Biden has singlehandedly opened this nation up to serious attack from foreign powers. And he has repeatedly made America reliant on China.

But now, America is under grave threat from China according to new discoveries.

A tide of Chinese nationals flooding across the porous southern border has ignited a firestorm of political controversy, igniting anxieties about national security, stoking calls for decisive action, and even fueling Republican efforts to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

The sheer scale of the surge is enough to raise eyebrows. Over 31,000 Chinese nationals apprehended in just 11 months represents a tenfold increase over the typical annual average of around 1,500 seen in the past decade.

News reports painting a picture of predominantly single adult males escaping the CCP’s iron grip add further fuel to the anxiety fire, prompting questions about potential infiltration attempts and espionage risks.

Leading figures on the right have wasted no time in sounding the alarm.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, a potential 2024 contender, declared on social media, “This is not normal. Our country is being invaded.”

He reiterated his campaign promise to complete the wall, dismantle cartels, and pursue a more aggressive border security posture.

Nikki Haley, another prominent Republican voice, echoed the sentiment, urging the closure of the southern border to protect the American homeland.

The situation doesn’t exist in a vacuum. China’s insidious role in fueling the deadly fentanyl crisis adds another layer of concern.

Dr. Pablo Calderón Martínez, an expert on the issue, highlighted China’s complicity in supplying the raw materials for fentanyl production in Mexico, effectively fueling the drug epidemic ravaging American communities.

This convergence of security and public health concerns further strengthens the Republican argument for decisive action against Mayorkas.

Accusations of willful dereliction of duty and intentional policy decisions that compromise America’s security form the heart of the GOP’s impeachment push.

House Speaker Mike Johnson, spearheading the effort, contends that Mayorkas’ repeated lies to Congress and inaction on border security constitute a gross violation of his oath of office. Republicans view him as the embodiment of the Biden administration’s indifference to the border crisis, fueling their unwavering determination to hold him accountable.

The looming impeachment hearings serve as a potent flashpoint in the broader immigration debate.

The Chinese surge adds a new layer of complexity to the already fraught conversation, pushing the issue of border security center stage in the lead-up to the 2024 elections.

Beyond the immediate political firestorm, the Chinese influx raises existential questions about the capacity of American institutions to cope with such a complex and potentially destabilizing phenomenon.

The Red Tide at the southern border is not merely a security concern.

It’s a test of American grit, ingenuity, and commitment to its core values.

The ability to forge a solution that addresses both humanitarian concerns and national security threats while upholding the rule of law will go a long way in defining the nation’s character and future.

We can no longer wait, however, and we must fight back against the destruction of the radical Left.

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