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Leaked document from Congress horrifies the Biden White House

The Biden administration wasn't expecting this at all. They've been thrown a devastating curveball. As this leaked document from Congress has completely horrified the Biden...

Joe Biden’s newest disgusting comments have Americans outraged

President Biden’s leadership has been in question for quite some time now, and he has done some disgusting things before. But now there is...

An illegal immigrant’s attack on this Democrat Senator sent Congress into mayhem

The Left never thought their terrible policies would strike so close to home. Now the blood has been spilt. Because an illegal immigrant's attack on...

House GOP leaders make a stunning move that has the Biden admin terrified

The Biden administration thinks that they are untouchable. But things are not as they seem, and American patriots are fighting back. And House GOP...

Border Patrol just unmasked a disturbing reality at the southern border

Joe Biden has made a complete mess of the border. But now it's hit a fever pitch. Because Border Patrol just unmasked a disturbing reality...

Top Republican receives important health update that changes everything

This politician has been dealing with a tough physical condition for some time now. It's been a major blow for them and the GOP. But...


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