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Democrats are shredding documents after this FBI raid


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The Joe Biden admin is well known for weaponizing the government. But now the tables have turned.

And Democrats are shredding documents after this FBI raid hit the public.

A former Democrat campaign staffer who was subsequently raided by the FBI was paid several hundred thousands of dollars by recent New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ reelection campaign, according to recently released campaign finance documents.

From March 2022 to November 2023, the mayor’s reelection campaign paid $279,835 to Suggs Solutions LLC, a business owned and run by former Adams campaign organizer Brianna Suggs, as reported by the New York City Campaign Finance Board. On the morning of November 2, 2023, the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) conducted a raid on the house of Suggs in Brooklyn. A few days later, word got out that the authorities were investigating Adams’ ties to the Turkish government.

Several electronic gadgets and an envelope addressed to “Eric Adams” were removed from Suggs’ residence by federal authorities, according to Politico. The New York Times reports that agents were looking for documents about the mayor’s alleged involvement in an illicit donor scheme as well as proof regarding claims that Adams was aided by the Turkish government in receiving foreign money for his campaign.

No formal charges of misconduct have been leveled against either Suggs or Adams by federal authorities.

According to documents, the Adams campaign paid Suggs’ firm around $64,000 for consulting and campaign services the day before her house was raided. According to the NYT, Adams initially supported Suggs after the raid, but he eventually demoted her from her position as the campaign’s top fundraiser.

Although an insider informed The New York Times that Suggs would be transferred to another part of the campaign, her final destination remains unknown. Campaign finance documents show that after being terminated from her fundraising job, Suggs failed to repay the $64,000 she had been paid by the campaign.

During her time as the Adams campaign top fundraiser, Suggs had the political world talking about her being just 23 years old.

Suggs became the top fundraiser for the Adams campaign at the tender age of 23, prompting one of Adams’ donors to comment that she was “very, very young,” as reported by Politico.

“What turned some heads is that she was running the whole operation of that campaign, the finance part of it, and she was so young and inexperienced,” the donor continued.

Before getting a job as the mayor’s top fundraiser, Suggs was so close with one of Adams’ top staffers that she would refer to her as a “goddaughter,” according to the NYT.

Campaign finance documents show that between April and October of 2021, Suggs was paid around $50,000 for her services by Adams’ first mayoral campaign, either directly or via her LLC.

Some conservatives are pointing out that this news comes conveniently right after Eric Adams has been vocally critical of the Joe Biden administration’s handling of the illegal immigration issue.

The idea is that Joe Biden is even willing to weaponize the federal government, in this case the FBI, against Democrats as well to keep them in line with peddling the narrative that he wants in the media.

Democrats being willing to break ranks and speak out for themselves is unacceptable, according to the Democrat establishment.

The Democrat Party’s veil of unity is so easy to see through, and they’re going to pay for it at the ballot box come November this year.

The Conservative Column will keep you updated on this story and any further developments.


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