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Hunter Biden has nowhere to hide after Trump made one move against him


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It’s baffling how Hunter Biden is not behind bars yet. Americans everywhere despise the two-tiered justice system.

But now Hunter Biden has nowhere to hide after Trump made one move against him.

America First Legal, a conservative nonprofit advocacy group, has filed a complaint requesting that the District of Columbia Bar investigate whether Hunter Biden’s law license should be revoked due to his unlawful drug use, gun purchases, and claims of influence peddling.

The case poses a difficult challenge for the D.C. Bar, which, according to lawyers, has been hesitant to discipline attorneys with high-profile Democratic connections.

Reed D. Rubinstein, an AFL attorney licensed in Washington, claimed Mr. Biden violated the bar’s professional conduct rules, which ban conduct that brings lawyers into discredit.

The guidelines clearly identify fraud, such as failing to file income taxes and suggesting the potential to manipulate a government officer.

Mr. Biden agreed to the tax infraction in a plea agreement with federal prosecutors, which has since been dropped.

Congress Republicans have also accused him of influence peddling, citing evidence from text conversations and interviews with business acquaintances.

“The evidence is that Mr. Biden has engaged in professional misconduct, repeatedly and on a significant scale, thereby raising substantial questions as to his honesty, trustworthiness, and fitness as a lawyer,” he said in his complaint.

According to documents, Mr. Biden, the son of President Biden, was admitted to the D.C. Bar on April 9, 2007, using the name Robert H. Biden. He’s labeled as active and in excellent standing.

The Washington Times contacted the D.C. Bar and Mr. Biden’s lawyer for this report.

Ty Clevenger, an attorney who has filed bar complaints against high-profile political figures’ lawyers, including Hillary Clinton and others engaged in her email issue, said the AFL’s complaint against Mr. Biden is correct, but he doubts it will be taken seriously.

“It’s a rock-solid grievance, and I applaud them for filing it, but there will never be an investigation because the D.C. Bar is controlled by partisan Democrats. Look at Kevin Clinesmith. He was convicted of a felony, but the D.C. Bar gave him a slap on the wrist because he was serving the interests of the Democratic Party,” Mr. Clevenger said.

Mr. Clinesmith was an FBI lawyer who manufactured evidence to justify the agency’s use of a foreign intelligence eavesdropping tool on a Trump campaign official. He escaped prison time and agreed to a one-year suspension of his law license.

Mr. Clevenger claimed that his own efforts were futile against Mrs. Clinton and her legal staff, who were involved in the mishandling and deletion of 30,000 federal emails.

He mentioned that Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton acknowledged to breaching a state securities law, but the state bar declined to investigate. However, the bar took action against Mr. Paxton when he questioned the 2020 election results.

Meanwhile, legal associations are investigating Rudolph W. Giuliani and John Eastman for their representation of former President Donald Trump in 2020 election affairs.

“It’s just naked politics,” Mr. Clevenger said. “I really wish Congress would hold hearings on the politicization of state bar prosecutions.”

Hunter Biden has not been convicted of any of the accusations brought against him, but he has admitted to some of the underlying behavior in many venues.

Last year, he agreed to a plea deal with the United States Attorney’s Office in Delaware, pleading guilty to two tax evasion offenses and entering into a diversionary agreement for a weapons charge.

That arrangement fell through, and Mr. Biden has since been re-indicted on multiple weapons and tax charges.

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