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Radical new Democrat bill is to blame for spike in child deaths


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The Left’s policies almost always lead to harm and destruction. But now, things have crossed a line.

And a radical new Democrat bill is to blame for a spike in child deaths.

The death of a young child in Washington state has ignited a firestorm of debate, casting a harsh spotlight on the “Keeping Families Together Act” and the delicate balance between protecting children and supporting struggling families.

The tragedy has become a flashpoint in the ongoing battle against the state’s opioid crisis, with lawmakers on both sides of the aisle clashing over the best approach to safeguarding vulnerable children.

The three-month-old’s story has become a grim symbol of the complexities at play.

Found deceased near a lagoon, authorities allege her father, Jordan Sorensen, with a history of substance abuse and criminal offenses, was responsible.

Court documents reveal the baby was born with fentanyl in his system, and despite initial compliance with court-ordered drug tests, Sorensen disappeared with the child before the body was discovered.

Republicans, led by Representative Travis Couture, point to the baby’s tragic demise as evidence of the “Keeping Families Together Act’s” shortcomings.

The law, enacted in July 2023, aimed to keep families together even when facing challenges like addiction or homelessness.

However, critics argue it prioritizes family unity at the expense of child safety.

Couture’s proposed legislation seeks to classify the presence of illegal substances like fentanyl as “imminent harm,” triggering mandatory child removal in such cases.

He emphasizes the alarming rise in child deaths linked to fentanyl overdoses and accuses Democrats of prioritizing ideology over child welfare.

Democrats, however, counter that Couture’s approach is overly simplistic and potentially harmful.

They advocate for their own bill, HB 2447, which focuses on equipping caseworkers with better tools and resources, including increased training, fentanyl-specific risk assessments, and test strips.

They argue that separating children from their families should be a last resort, prioritizing support and resources for struggling parents battling addiction.

They also express concerns about potential disproportionate impacts on minority communities, noting higher rates of child removal in those groups.

However, the reality of the situation is this: once again, radical liberal policies have led to death and destruction.

America has suffered under liberal leadership for far too long, and citizens of this once great nation are suffering.

Literally, people are dying because of the harmful and destructive policies of the Left.

We cannot allow this to continue any longer, and we must prioritize the needs of our children over the liberal agenda of the Left.

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