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The DNC HQ is on fire after hearing how Republicans are flipping California red


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Everyone knows California has been a deep blue state for many years now. But that may be changing right before our eyes.

And now the DNC headquarters is on fire after Republicans have pulled the rug out from under them.

Would you believe that the state of California may very well have a Republican U.S. senator representing the Golden State’s constituents? There hasn’t been one since the early 1990s, so that may sound unbelievable.

But one of the U.S. Senate seats from California is truly up for grabs for both major political parties according to the latest news.

A recent survey for California’s open Senate primary showed that former MLB player and Republican contender Steve Garvey narrowly pulled ahead of Democrat Representative Adam Schiff and other Democrat legislators.

In a survey issued on Friday by the UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies and the Los Angeles Times, 27% of probable California voters backed Garvey, 25% backed Schiff, and 8% backed Democrat Representatives Barbara Lee and Katie Porter. In the time since January, the Republican’s standing has risen fourteen points, Schiff’s has risen four points, Porter’s has risen two points, and Lee’s has fallen one point, according to the poll.

The seat that Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein once held is now being filled by Laphonza Butler, a former president of the pro-abortion organization EMILYs List; the contenders are competing for this position.

Based on the results of Tuesday’s Senate primary, the poll shows that the top two finishers — Garvey and Schiff — will go on to the general election, eliminating Porter and Lee. The poll did find that 9% of probable voters are still uncertain, but Schiff would still defeat Garvey 53% to 38% according to those surveyed.

Schiff and Porter would have a far closer fight in a general election if they had to face off; the survey had them tied at 30% and 40% were undecided.

In a statement shared with reporters, Garvey expressed his profound humility at the confidence and backing expressed by Californians in the most recent survey.

“This demonstrates that our message of addressing the real issues that Californians care about with compassionate, common-sense solutions is resonating more than the tired political bickering of career politicians. It’s clear that people are ready for new leadership that brings us together to build a brighter future for California.”

From February 22nd through the 27th, a sample of 3,304 registered California voters were polled for this survey. The margin of error for this survey was plus or minus 2%.

As a result of the Democratic support being divided among the three notable House members from the blue state, the contest for the top has become a costly one.

According to reports with the Federal Election Commission (FEC), Schiff has raised $31.4 million, which puts him ahead of Porter and Lee in the Democratic race. Porter has raised $28 million and Lee has raised $5 million. Additionally, at $38.7 million, the congressman spent more than either Porter or Lee did this cycle, and he has greater resources on hand than each of them had before they entered the primary.

As of right now, Garvey has $758,260 in the bank, having raised $2.1 million, spent $1.4 million, and entered the race on October 10th, according to FEC statistics.

These numbers are surprising for a couple reasons.

Firstly, Garvey simply hasn’t had the funds to spend compared to his Democrat counterparts. That’s always going to put you at a disadvantage when you have a fraction of the campaign funds of opponents.

But there’s a reason Democrats are pouring millions of dollars into that race. They know they can’t just wash their hands clean of this race and hope for the best. In recent years, races all over the country that shouldn’t have been close at all have ended up tighter than anyone would’ve guessed.

Which brings us to the second reason this news is interesting. Garvey has a real shot at winning this November.

Democrats know that anyone who gets close to 40% in the polls has a chance of winning and that means you can’t ignore the race all together.

Sure, Garvey is still likely to lose but crazier things have happened.

The Conservative Column will be keeping our readers updated on any major 2024 election news reports.


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