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Terrifying new liberal bill could steal rights away from citizens

The Left is always passing bills that hurt America. But this time they have crossed a major line. And a terrifying new liberal bill could...

Liberal leader makes shocking anti-Israel comments and blames Jews for Biden’s failures

The radical Left has had a bad habit of blaming Israel after the horrific terror attacks on October 7th. But now, these recent comments...

Liberal host admits to Left’s plan of buying votes

The radical Left is willing to do anything to secure the White House in November. But no one expected them to confess to this...

Radical new Democrat bill is to blame for spike in child deaths

The Left’s policies almost always lead to harm and destruction. But now, things have crossed a line. And a radical new Democrat bill is to...

Radical liberal policies just led to hundreds of deaths

The radical Left hates America, and they are doing everything they can to destroy this great nation. We must realize this before it is...


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