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The Biden campaign is on red alert after this Democrat enters the 2024 presidential race


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Joe Biden has a difficult path ahead for reelection. But that path has only gotten harder.

And the Biden campaign is on red alert after this Democrat enters the 2024 presidential race.

Author and “spiritual thought leader” (in her own words), Marianne Williamson has decided to un-suspend her presidential campaign according to a video she posted on X on Wednesday.

Williamson, who is running as a Democrat, had previously dropped out of the race, but after the Michigan Democrat primary she felt it was time to resume her campaign.

“As of today, I am unsuspending my campaign for the presidency of the United States,” Williamson said in her video.

“I had suspended it because I was losing the horse race, but something so much more important than the horse race is at stake here, and we must respond. We have a fascist standing at the door.”

She also said in the video that it’s “delusional” for Democrats to have hope that President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris will defeat Donald Trump in November in the general election.

Williamson’s video was posted only hours after 100,000 people voted as “uncommitted” in the Michigan Democrat primary.

Those votes were a direct protest to Joe Biden and his support of Israel in it’s war with Hamas.

The author and spiritual guru originally dropped out of the presidential race after the Democrat primary in Nevada where she only got 3% of the vote.

In contrast, Biden got 81% of the vote in that primary contest.

The campaign promises in which Williamson is running on include, “Medicare for all,” “tuition-free college and tech school,” “guaranteed housing, guaranteed living wage,” “guaranteed sick pay,” and “reparations.”

She added that those promises are what will help her defeat Trump.

“Some people would say, ‘Oh Ms. Williamson, you’re delusional.’ I’ll tell you what’s delusional. What’s delusional is just closing our eyes and crossing our fingers and just hoping that somehow Biden and Harris will be able to beat that juggernaut of dark, dark vision,” Williamson continued in her video.

A bashing of Biden and his poor handling of the economy was also mentioned by her.

Marianne Williamson will most likely not be the Democrat nominee for president in 2024.

She’s certainly considered a longshot candidate and as it stands now, has won zero delegates in the primary thus far.

You can watch her full X video below:

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