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President Biden completely blindsided by this new national security threat


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National security has never been Joe Biden’s strong suit. But he’s made a major mistake.

As President Biden was completely blindsided by this new national security threat.

Ask anyone if America is legitimately more safe today than it was about three or four years ago before Joe Biden took office in January of 2021. You’ll have to ask around for quite some time before you find someone trying to answer that question in the affirmative.

Simply put, it’s hard to argue that the United States is more capable to defend its interests today than at any other point in modern history since about the 1980s.

The radical Leftists, of course, will try to say this is completely untrue. They’ll go low and try to remind everyone that 9/11 happened on George Bush’s watch. But he was only in office for a period of several months when that tragedy took place, and no one really places the blame on George Bush for that tragedy.

It’s all just whataboutism on the part of the Left to distract from the fact that the southern border crisis is worsening, Russia is digging its heels in against Ukraine and the rest of western civilization, and the Middle Eastern region has exploded into yet another serious war.

All of this on Joe Biden’s watch, and all of it he has a direct hand in. Whether it’s refusing to address illegal immigration, sending billions of taxpayer dollars to Ukraine in a failing war effort, or giving mixed signals to every nation in the Middle East, there’s a real argument that Joe Biden’s responsible for the worsening international tensions.

This is without even bringing up the issue of the Chinese Communist Party who continues to poke and prod at the United States with no response coming back. Remember that Chinese spy balloon? The one that the Joe Biden administration failed to detect while it was flying for days over American airspace despite having the technology to do so? Yeah, who could forget that.

Well now a new report suggests China isn’t done trying to find ways to indirectly invade the United States with its interests.

An investigation by the Daily Caller News Foundation has revealed that the Chinese manufacturer of chemicals for electric vehicle batteries, which intends to construct two factories in the United States, has deep-rooted connections to China’s military industrial complex.

Capchem Technology USA, a subsidiary of China-based Shenzhen Capchem Technology (Capchem), is set to establish facilities in Ohio and Louisiana for producing components vital to electric vehicle batteries. Documents from the Chinese government indicate that the chemical giant was chosen over a decade ago to conduct aerospace research for China’s military industrial complex under a program overseen by a blacklisted Chinese government agency.

Recent corporate reports reveal that as of 2023, Capchem had been receiving payments from China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, a key player in China’s “Military-Civil Fusion” efforts.

Bryan Burack, a senior policy advisor at the Heritage Foundation’s Asian Studies Center, emphasized the national security threat posed by the infiltration of Chinese Communist Party-affiliated companies in the United States, highlighting the dangers of blind economic engagement with China.

“There’s no question who these companies really work for,” Burack stated on the matter. “There’s no such thing as a private Chinese company.”

Capchem specializes in manufacturing chemicals for electric vehicle batteries, and although it has advertised its products’ military applications in the past, the company denied supplying the Chinese military. However, references to military applications were swiftly removed from Capchem’s website following inquiries from the DCNF.

Despite denials from Capchem, evidence suggests that the company has been involved in projects with China’s military industrial complex since at least 2012. Selected as one of 70 companies for a military-civil fusion initiative, Capchem focused on critical aerospace components.

The U.S. Defense Department notes that China’s “Military-Civil Fusion” strategy aims to modernize the People’s Liberation Army by leveraging advanced technologies developed by ostensibly civilian entities. Recent congressional communications underscore the concerns over the involvement of companies like Capchem with China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, extending to potential ramifications for U.S. national security.

Capchem’s annual reports reveal substantial subsidies received from various Chinese government entities, indicating significant financial support from the Chinese government. Despite assertions to the contrary, Capchem’s ties to the Chinese government are evident in its corporate filings.

Capchem’s expansion plans in the U.S., including the construction of a factory in Ohio and consideration of another in Louisiana, coincide with growing efforts at the federal and state levels to restrict Chinese ownership of U.S. land. Congressman Brad Wenstrup has raised concerns about security risks posed by Chinese-owned companies operating in the U.S., urging thorough vetting of such entities seeking to establish operations in local communities.

The Conservative Column will keep you posted on any updates to this story, so stay tuned.


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