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CNN left in utter shame after being caught lying by guest live on air


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It seems CNN will never learn. They keep pushing their agenda at all costs.

But now CNN’s been utterly embarrassed after being caught lying by a guest live on air.

Name a more iconic duo than CNN and lying. There’s not many. Maybe Tom Brady and winning Super Bowls, but it’s close as even Tom Brady took a break here and there from winning it all.

Even though CNN’s been burned time and again for obviously being a joke of a “news” outlet that continues to push its agenda at all costs even if it means lying through their teeth, they will continue to do so like masochists.

CNN’s burning through cash like it’s nothing as their profitability has dipped below $1 billion for the first time in almost a decade, and they’re cycling through personalities like middle school relationships.

And yet, they stick to their guns.

Take a look at recent CNN guest and House Representative Andy Barr (R-KY) appearing on the network and outright fact-checking them live on air.

During his appearance, Andy Barr was discussing with CNN host Boris Sanchez the spending and border bills that were making their way through Congress.

Sanchez was discussing an aspect of a bill that would have allowed a certain number of individuals to come across the southern border with Mexico illegally before the White House would shut it down.

Somehow, Sanchez was trying to argue to Barr that this didn’t mean that a certain number of illegal immigrants would be accepted, something the American people don’t want to hear.

“The bipartisan border bill didn’t codify allowing illegal crossings,” CNN host Sanchez argued on air.

“It set a threshold of undocumented crossings that would have allowed the executive to say ‘shut down the border right now.’ That’s very different than saying we’re going to allow this many people through.”

Of course, Andy Barr wasn’t having any of these. He noted that this is clearly an addition to the law that doesn’t exist today. Therefore, it is absolutely adding to the law a certain number of illegal immigrants being welcome, no matter how you try to glitter it up.

“It put in federal law, Boris, it put in federal law an amount of illegal crossings that simply does not exist in current law,” Barr responded.

Barr is absolutely correct, by the way. The bill would’ve limited illegal immigrants crossing at a pace of about 5,000 people per day before the law enforcement would be given extra permission to remove individuals from the border. This would be calculated on a week-by-week average.

Sanchez then tried to argue that there was nothing in the bill that suggested there would be amnesty for any illegal immigrants. Again, this is not true.

“The idea that he wanted to negotiate with people that were asking for amnesty, that bill didn‘t contain anything related to amnesty,” Sanchez added.

Barr responded saying that there was quite literally billions of dollars earmarked for amnesty spending in certain jurisdictions in the United States.

“Boris, it had $7 billion for amnesty jurisdictions,” Barr said. “You’re just wrong, that’s not true. That bill would be a magnet for more illegal immigration,” Barr added to correct the CNN host.

Leave it to a CNN host to simply ignore the facts of the matter and outright lie to their audience. Either he was uneducated on the matter, or he was flat out lying. In either case, CNN looks to be a bunch of fools.

The Conservative Column will keep our readers updated on any immigration news.


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