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Shocking new reports detail how bad things really are in the Biden campaign


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The Left knows that Joe Biden is their only hope if they wish to defeat Trump in November. And while they claim everything is going great, the truth is very different.

And shocking new reports detail just how bad things really are in the Biden campaign.

It is no secret that most of Joe Biden’s own supporters hate him, and they are only supporting him because he is easy to prop up and use as a puppet.

And while there have been rumors of Joe Biden being replaced by the Left, as more time passes it seems increasingly unlikely that anyone but Biden will face Trump in November.

However, the Left is becoming increasingly worried as it becomes clear that Americans hate Joe Biden and he has no hope at all to defeat Trump.

Recent polls have shown just how abysmal Biden’s approval rating is, and people all across the nation are abandoning the president in droves.

But now, the Biden campaign has yet another major problem that they have to face.

Top Democrats are becoming increasingly concerned about how Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s campaign may affect President Biden’s chances of winning reelection in the next election cycle.

According to a Fox News report, prominent Democratic National Committee (DNC) members attended a phone meeting during which the possible threat posed by Kennedy’s candidacy was discussed.

Representative Robert Garcia (D-CA), Lieutenant Governor Austin Davis of Pennsylvania, State Senator Mallory McMorrow of Michigan, and other callers voiced concerns about Kennedy becoming a “spoiler” candidate who would hurt Biden’s prospects of winning a second term.

Davis said, “We are doing everything in our power to get President Biden and Vice President Harris reelected. It’s critical that we take seriously every possible obstacle to that goal. And let me be clear, that’s exactly what Robert F. Kennedy is in this election. He’s a spoiler.”

Regarding Kennedy’s remarks about vaccines, Garcia also called the candidate a “tin foil hat conspiracy theorist” during the call.

Garcia further claimed that Trump mega-donors supported Kennedy’s campaign, implying a possible coordination with efforts to reelect Donald Trump.

Both major parties’ campaigns are worried that Kennedy may detract from their nominees in crucial swing states, and this accusation coincides with their worries.

Following Kennedy’s declaration that he had selected Nicole Shanahan to be his vice presidential nominee, the call with notable Democratic Party voices was made.

Shanahan, an attorney, was previously married to Sergey Brin, a co-founder of Google.

After the VP pick announcement, RFK Jr. said, “Nicole and I both left the Democratic Party.”

He added “Our values didn’t change. The Democratic Party did.”

Recent polls have shown just how much of a threat RFK Jr. poses to Biden’s re-election bid.

According to a recent Harvard-Harris poll, Kennedy was polling at 17%, which put him up against Biden (39%), who came in second, and Trump (43%).

The Left is terrified of what will happen if Kennedy stays in the race. Will they start prosecuting him and bringing phony charges against him as well?

Only time will tell.

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