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Fox News host raises eyebrows after saying these two words to a Trump hater


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Not everyone at Fox News is rational. One employee just got utterly skewered.

And a Fox News host raised everyone’s eyebrows after saying just two words to a Trump hater.

In Tucker Carlson’s absence, the Fox News network has turned to two men to carry on the popularity of the entire brand. Those two men are, of course, Jesse Watters and Greg Gutfeld, who both have their own shows on the network.

The two also regularly appear on the Fox News The Five show with a cycling of co-hosts surrounding them to discuss all sorts of matters from politics, to elections, or even just what’s been going viral on the internet.

Recently, the “five” were discussing the Donald Trump cases that have been receiving a ton of attention lately, specifically that Donald Trump’s bail has been reduced from nearly half a billion dollars to $175 million now.

One of the hosts, Jessica Tarlov, said that she believed that there wasn’t enough attention being paid to the Trump cases. In her estimation, she thinks the majority of Americans haven’t made up their minds about whether they want to vote for Donald Trump with pending legal cases on his back.

Gutfeld called her out saying that there’s been no criminal conviction yet. Donald Trump is innocent until proven guilty so no one will be “voting for a convicted” criminal like Tarlov believes.

Then Tarlov put her foot in her mouth. She said that’s “making it out as if the man didn’t do anything wrong,” admitting that she believes Donald Trump is guilty of a crime he hasn’t been found guilty for in the rule of law.

She doubled down saying that Trump is “inflating” the worth of his real estate business, adding “the average real estate investor isn’t inflating the worth of their real estate access.”

That was when Jesse Watters had enough of this nonsense. He skewered Jessica Tarlov telling her to her face: “You don’t know anything about real estate, Jessica, you rent.”

It was like a bomb had gone off on the Fox News set the way everyone went silent, as if to acknowledge just how badly Jessica got roasted by her fellow co-host Jesse Watters live on air.

Jesse Watters went on to note how Donald Trump owns a ton of real estate and clearly knows more about this than Jessica Tarlov does.

“Look at that building right there. Trump owns that building. Take a look at the entire Manhattan skyline, Trump owns all of these beautiful properties,” Jesse Watters went on to say on the matter.

You can hear Jessica even ask Watters “Did you actually just say that to me?” in the middle of his comments.

Watters continued on pointing out that the former U.S. prosecutor, Tristan Snell, criticizing Donald Trump for his bond being reduced is laughable because Snell had a book on his shelf titled Taking Down Trump during his rant on the lowered bail.

“That was the book in his little back shot library. This guy is a straight player. These are not straight players, these are hounds, Jessica. This is a savage attack on a man, because these people are mentally ill,” Jesse Watters finished saying.

Watch the interaction below:

Jessica Tarlov got completely obliterated live on air by the facts and rumor has it she’s still seething about it. But that’s the way it works with Trump haters and Leftists, they can’t stand to hear the facts about Donald Trump because they don’t line up with the narrative they want to push about him.

The Conservative Column will keep you updated on any major news in the Trump legal cases.


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