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Former U.S. Commander makes chilling insider prediction regarding safety of the nation


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U.S. intelligence agencies have been warning of terrorist attacks for months. But now, new information has come out and people are terrified.

Because a former U.S. Commander has made a chilling insider prediction regarding the safety of the nation.

In an interview conducted over the weekend, former commander of U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM), Gen. Frank McKenzie, stated that President Joe Biden’s foreign policy is to blame for the growing threat that ISIS offers to the United States.

In response to a question regarding the most recent ISIS terrorist incident in Moscow, McKenzie made the comments on Sunday during an appearance on ABC News’ This Week with Martha Raddatz.

Raddatz said, “General, your CENTCOM successor, General Michael Kurilla, said just days before the Moscow attack that ISIS-K, quote, ‘retains the capability and will to attack U.S. and Western interests abroad in as little as six months and with little or no warning.’”

She then asked General McKenzie, “What’s your confidence in that intelligence?”

McKenzie’s response was swift, severe, and extremely telling.

“I think General Kurilla is spot on with that assessment. Here’s the problem. Again, we go back to ISIS-K. If you can keep pressure on them that they’re in their homeland and their base, it makes it hard for them to conduct these types of attacks,” he said.

He added, “Unfortunately, we no longer place that pressure on them, so they’re free to gain strength, they’re free to plan, they’re free to coordinate and to outreach that hit us in our homelands. So, you might as well be playing an away game than a home game. We’ve chosen to play a home game.”

When asked if the threat to the United States would have been different if Biden had not abruptly withdrawn American forces from Afghanistan, McKenzie responded, “Things would be different.”

Even though Biden was heavily advised to leave a presence in Afghanistan, he ignored the advice and decided to completely pull out. This resulted in the catastrophic events that left too many American service members dead.

McKenzie said, “Leaving 2,500 troops, along with our NATO partners, who would have left 4,000 or 5,000 troops, we would have been able to continue to work against ISIS, which was the principal reason we’re in Afghanistan, to prevent attacks in our homeland.”

This is not the first time a high-ranking officer or agent has warned of potential terrorist threats in America…and it certainly won’t be the last under Joe Biden.

Joe Biden’s failed foreign policies as well as his open border policies have left this great nation wide open to attack.

Already, numerous terrorists have been caught at the border trying to smuggle in weapons and bombs, yet Biden still does nothing.

In fact, the Biden administration has released countless of these terrorists into our country even when they have admitted their desire to commit acts of terror.

How much longer are Americans going to sit idly by and watch the Left destroy this country?

We must fight back to protect this great nation.

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