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Judge makes jaw-dropping southern border decision


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The crisis at the southern border is out of control. Americans have been demanding action for years now.

That’s why no one could believe that a judge handed down this jaw-dropping ruling about the southern border.

The southern border is in a sorry state, and it has been for a while.

Not only are millions coming over the border every single year, but they are attacking the men and women who are doing everything they’re allowed to do to protect our nation.

One recent spat showed hundreds of migrants assaulting National Guard members at the Texas border with Mexico:

Over 200 migrants have been charged with rioting following the dramatic on-camera border surge that injured Texas National Guard members in El Paso.

According to BorderReport.com, the state has identified 222 migrants who tore down walls and razor wire before forcefully pushing past highly outnumbered Texas troops on March 21.

As stated on the website, 98 persons were charged on Friday with taking part in a riot, and a further 97 were charged over the weekend. At the end of last week, seven people were charged with the same offense, as well as criminal mischief.

On Sunday, El Paso magistrate judge Humberto Acosta ruled that the “hundreds of arrestees” from the incident were entitled to individual bail hearings within 48 hours after being charged, denying the District Attorney’s plea for additional time to prepare.

Acosta then ordered the 39 migrants hauled before him on rioting charges to be “released on their own recognizance” since the District Attorney had scheduled them for a bulk hearing rather than individually.

However, after the hearing, all were transferred from state custody to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

ICE announced that it is preparing to take custody of all people accused of rushing the border and will begin deportation proceedings against everyone.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement will have them returned to its custody once they are freed from state custody, according to an El Paso County Court statement obtained by The New York Post.

Another hearing for 40 detainees was postponed on Monday after Kelli Childress, the case’s public lawyer, requested a delay.

She said that if the migrants were released by the state, they would be handed to ICE and would no longer have access to counsel.

At the same hearing, Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Vandenbosch stated that the state was now prepared to conduct individual hearings for each migrant charged with rioting.

The migrants accused of the border incident on March 21 had thought Border Patrol would apprehend them and allow them to remain in the United States.

However, they became upset as the military began dividing them into groups.

Authorities also confiscated knives and shanks from some of the migrants involved in the surge, according to a National Guard source who spoke with The New York Post at the time. At least one migrant attempted to steal a soldier’s gun.

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