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U.S. General sends a terrifying warning to Joe Biden that sent the White House into hysterics

Joe Biden has overseen the collapse of the world around us. Now there's even more bad news to report. And a U.S. General sent a...

Joe Biden’s newest promise has Americans horrified and disgusted

Joe Biden and the radical Left seem focused on making the lives of Americans miserable. But now, the disrespect and hatred for American citizens...

Biden’s heart stopped after Russia placed this threat on his desk

No one ever accused Biden of being a titan of foreign affairs. If anything, he has led America to the brink of war. And now...

The White House betrays a crucial military ally and no one knows what comes next

It's just a fact that Biden has made this country less safe as president. Now he's trying to burn it all down before November. Because...

GOP Senator calls Biden one word that left him fuming in anger

Tensions are high on Capitol Hill. The Left and the Right are at each other's throats. And now a GOP Senator called Biden one word...

Former U.S. Commander makes chilling insider prediction regarding safety of the nation

U.S. intelligence agencies have been warning of terrorist attacks for months. But now, new information has come out and people are terrified. Because a former...


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