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Disturbing new allegations against Biden reveal just how dangerous he is


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Joe Biden poses a major threat to America. But new information could change just how much we know.

And disturbing new allegations against Biden reveal just how dangerous he is.

On Tuesday, independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. reiterated his assertion that former President Donald Trump is not as dangerous to democracy as President Joe Biden is.

Kennedy first stated as much in a recent interview with CNN anchor Erin Burnett.

He then reiterated the opinion on Fox News on Tuesday morning.

The conversation was kicked off by Fox News anchor Lawrence Jones, who pointed out that Democrats and various media personalities had insisted time and time again that Trump, not Biden, would be the biggest threat to democracy overall.

“You raised some eyebrows yesterday when you were comparing the former president to the current president,” said Jones.

“You said in an interview that you believe that Joe Biden is a bigger threat to democracy than Donald Trump.”

Before giving the floor to the independent candidate, Jones played a snippet from Kennedy’s CNN interview in which he claimed he could “make the argument” that Biden posed a bigger threat.

“I said I can make that argument, and I think it’s an argument that we ought to be having,” Kennedy replied.

“President — President Biden has done something that no other president in history has done, which is to order media — particularly the social media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google — to censor his political opponents.”

Kennedy went on to describe his own personal encounters with the purported attempts by the Biden administration to personally suppress him.

“If you have a president who can censor his political opponents, he has a license for any kind of atrocity! THAT is a genuine threat to our democracy!” Kennedy went on.

He continued by saying that while he did think that some of Trump’s activities posed a threat to democracy, Biden’s alleged attempts to subvert the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution were far more harmful.

Kennedy went on, saying, “Undermining the First Amendment of our Constitution and then weaponizing the federal agencies to get his opponents off the ballot — and in my case … denying me Secret Service protection, that’s never happened in history.”

Of course the Left has done everything they can to discredit RFK Jr. and to claim that he is a sell out or that he has sold his soul to Trump, but the reality is much different.

In fact, countless American’s feel the same way that Kennedy does, and they have nothing but disgust towards the oppression of the Biden administration.

We cannot sit idly by and let the Left control our lives and suppress the truth.

We must speak out and save this great nation.

And we cannot re-elect a man who seems to be focused so intently on destroying America.

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