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Biden’s heart stopped after Russia placed this threat on his desk


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No one ever accused Biden of being a titan of foreign affairs. If anything, he has led America to the brink of war.

And now Biden’s heart stopped after Russia placed this threat on his desk.

The world is on fire. Afghanistan is run by terrorists thanks to Biden’s withdrawal

Israel is fighting a war against Hamas terrorists despite record making peace in the Middle East under Trump.

And Russia and Ukraine are fighting each other to the death in a proxy war that isn’t going anywhere.

And now, thanks to some in Congress, Russia is making nuclear threats.

Moscow has stated that the Russian Military District in eastern Ukraine will respond to “inflammatory statements… by some Western officials” by drilling with tactical nuclear weapons.

Russia accuses the West of provocations while initiating its own nuclear provocation, stating that it will drill its nuclear missile soldiers, air force, and ships to “practice employing non-strategic nuclear weapons.”

Lower-yield atomic bombs, sometimes known as tactical weapons, are designed to destroy opposing armies and fortifications on the battlefield, rather than entire towns or industries, as long-range strategic missiles do.

The Russian Ministry of Defense issued a statement expressing the exercise’s aims while blaming Western powers for its occurrence. Russian official media cited the Kremlin as saying:

The exercise aims to maintain the preparedness of troops and equipment for the combat employment of non-strategic nuclear weapons to react and unconditionally ensure the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Russian state in response to provocative statements and threats by some Western officials against the Russian Federation…

According to Kremlin media, the drill was meant as a reprisal to what it dubbed as “inflammatory statements and threats by some Western officials.”

Russia’s nuclear forces training is not uncommon, according to the Associated Press, but this is the first time it has been revealed in advance, indicating an apparent purpose to intimidate.

Dmitry Peskov, a Kremlin supporter, blamed the nuclear provocation on Western rhetoric, including “members of the US Congress, French and British administration, and some madmen from the Baltic States and Poland.”

On Sunday, House Democrats’ minority leader Hakeem Jeffries criticized a “pro-Putin faction” among the Republicans for attempting to reduce the rate of U.S. taxpayer money being supplied to Ukraine, claiming that if the money was not spent, America would have to send soldiers instead.

This comes only days after French President Emmanuel Macron reiterated his commitment to making soldiers available for deployment to Ukraine.

Macron has been promoting the idea of sending NATO troops into Ukraine for months, following comments in February that were the first time a Western politician openly broached the potential of Ukraine receiving aid other than cash and weapons.

The suggestion sparked near-panic in some Western capitals, particularly Berlin, which had been carefully monitoring its military assistance to Kyiv in order to keep the war from escalating.

Italy has been particularly critical of Macron’s confrontational speech, accusing him of playing with war to boost his poll ratings and branding him “dangerous” and “desperate” once more this weekend.

Russia’s Medvedev attempted to make menaces in response to such comments today, saying NATO nations sending troops to what he called “former” Ukraine would “mean direct engagement of their countries in war, and we will have to respond to it… No one will be able to hide on Capitol Hill, the Elysée Palace, or Downing Street, 10. It will be a global catastrophe.”

Nuclear threats have become nearly regular from Russia during the Ukraine conflict, with Peskov threatening Armageddon in response to small slights.

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