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New reports unveil shocking backing behind terror groups and attacks in U.S.


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There has been a terrifying uptick in anti-America rhetoric across the entire nation recently. But now, people have found out why.

Because a new report has unveiled shocking backing behind terror groups and attacks in the U.S.

Recent reporting from The Wall Street Journal has revealed that many pro-Palestinian activists in college campus encampments across the nation had been training for “months” before launching their protests.

The article highlights how veteran activists and groups provided strategic guidance, adding another layer of complexity to the ongoing discussions about these protests.

As noted by several outlets, including Breitbart News, many of the encampments have employed similar tactics, such as linking arms to prevent entry or ejecting individuals from their enclosures.

These activists are evidently well-trained, with seasoned figures like Lisa Fithian, a well-known activist, participating at locations such as Columbia University.

The New York Police Department has suggested that funding for these encampments has come from sources around the world.

The Wall Street Journal’s report goes further, identifying National Students for Justice in Palestine (NJSP) as one of the groups involved in the encampments and revealing that this group has been receiving funding from the Wespac Foundation, based in New York.

The protests, which shocked the nation with their sudden emergence, are rooted in months of preparation and planning by veteran activists and Left-wing groups.

The Journal’s report suggests a decentralized movement, connected through longstanding far-Left groups and activists.

For over a decade, NJSP has received and managed its donations through the Wespac Foundation, according to Howard Horowitz, Wespac’s board chairman.

He noted that the donations were meant “for projects in the United States” but declined to provide additional details.

Wespac has denied any involvement in the encampments or in coordinating with the protesters on campus.

However, NGO Monitor, a watchdog group, listed Wespac among several non-governmental organizations that are actively involved in “orchestrating” the protests.

According to NGO Monitor:

“WESPAC Foundation, based in Westchester, New York, is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit and serves as the fiscal sponsor for National SJP, Within Our Lifetime, U.S. Palestinian Community Network (USPCN), Adalah-NY, and the Palestinian Youth Movement USA. WESPAC has a history of employing divisive rhetoric and supporting controversial causes, including campaigning for convicted terrorists and using terms like ‘apartheid’ to describe Israel.”

The foundation’s funding sources are largely unknown, as it primarily receives donations through donor-advised charities, which obscure the identities of the original donors.

Despite this involvement, Wespac told The Wall Street Journal that it does not support violence, antisemitism, or terrorism.

However, its actions and affiliations have raised questions about the organization’s true intentions and its role in the escalating tensions on college campuses.

The discovery that many of these protests were not spontaneous but rather well-orchestrated and funded highlights the importance of scrutinizing the motivations and actions of the groups involved.

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