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Shocking new connection between Trump’s judge and election interference revealed


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The Left has been throwing everything they have at Trump in order to stop him. But now, a major line has been crossed.

And a shocking new connection between Trump’s judge and election interference has been revealed.

New revelations have surfaced regarding Loren Merchan, the daughter of the New York City judge presiding over the Trump falsified business records case.

Merchan’s company, Authentic Campaigns, has been involved with efforts to remove former President Donald Trump from the Colorado ballot, raising serious questions about potential conflicts of interest within the judiciary.

Authentic Campaigns, a digital marketing and fundraising agency led by Loren Merchan, has reportedly collaborated with the Brennan Center for Justice, a client listed on the company’s “Our Work” page.

The Brennan Center played a significant role in the legal proceedings against Trump’s candidacy by filing an amicus brief urging the Supreme Court to reject Trump’s appeal to overturn a Colorado Supreme Court decision that could have led to his removal from the ballot.

The Brennan Center’s involvement in the legal challenge against Trump was aimed at supporting the application of the independent state legislature theory, a critical legal argument in election law.

Despite their efforts, the Supreme Court ruled unanimously to keep Trump on the ballot, dismissing the challenge.

Authentic Campaigns boasted significant achievements with the Brennan Center, claiming to have increased the organization’s newsletter subscribers by 300,000, a 204% surge, which they attributed to effective digital strategies and compelling content that turned passive readers into active contributors and donors.

“Each new subscriber was not a statistic but a potential advocate and donor, thanks to the personalized and engaging content that illuminated the Brennan Center’s pivotal role in shaping a just society,” Authentic Campaigns stated on their website, highlighting their strategic impact.

Further scrutiny of Merchan’s professional engagements reveals her company’s association with The Asia Society, identified as a pro-China lobby group.

This organization sponsors several Confucius Institutes in the U.S., which are funded by the Chinese Communist Party, suggesting a broader network of controversial affiliations.

The connections between Judge Merchan’s daughter and political groups actively opposing Trump have sparked concerns about the impartiality of the judiciary overseeing his trial.

Many Americans argue that such ties could influence the fairness of judicial proceedings, given the political motivations evident in the groups associated with Loren Merchan.

Moreover, Authentic Campaigns has received substantial funding from Democratic entities, including approximately $500,000 from the Arizona Democratic Party and significant contributions from Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s PAC and Representative Adam Schiff, totaling around $4 million.

These financial ties to prominent Democratic figures and organizations further complicate the perceived neutrality of the judge’s family.

The involvement of Judge Merchan’s daughter in efforts that could affect the legal outcomes faced by Donald Trump highlights a troubling overlap between personal connections and professional obligations within the legal system overseeing his case.

As this situation unfolds, it serves as a stark reminder of the importance of maintaining clear boundaries between judicial responsibilities and political activities to preserve the integrity of the American judicial process.

This episode raises critical questions about the adequacy of current safeguards against conflicts of interest in the judiciary, particularly in politically charged cases that command national attention.

The need for rigorous scrutiny and possibly enhanced regulations around such conflicts is evident, as the public’s trust in an unbiased legal system is paramount to the functioning of America’s democratic institutions.

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