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MSNBC host has mental breakdown live on TV after learning something crazy about Trump


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Legacy media outlets are falling apart. Americans no longer trust their propaganda and agendas.

But you have to see this MSNBC host have a total mental breakdown after learning something crazy about Trump.

At this point, there should be a real investigation into Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS). It was just supposed to be a joke, but now there’s more evidence for Trump Derangement Syndrome being real than the 2020 virus being the result of natural causes or Lee Harvey Oswald being the sole shooter on November 22, 1963.

Donald Trump’s haters are absolutely obsessed with him. So much so, that they are literally willing to sacrifice their mental health just so they can continue to hate him with all their passion.

Even Donald Trump is aware of Trump Derangement Syndrome, according to a recent speech he gave where he referenced the disease.

Jen Psaki, an MSNBC employee and formerly a Joe Biden White House official, recently seemed to indicate she just wanted Donald Trump to “go away” by either going to prison or just dying.

That’s wild, no doubt. But today we’re talking about another MSNBC wacko by the name of Joe Scarborough. Scarborough is supposed to be a “Republican” and a conservative voice for MSNBC. He’s anything but those two things.

He recently had a meltdown on live TV because of a New York Times poll that was released showing that Donald Trump is clobbering Joe Biden in swing states and is well ahead of Biden overall.

According to NYT/Siena College polling released on Monday, Trump is leading Biden by 13% among likely Nevada voters, 9% in Georgia, 6% in Arizona, 3% in Pennsylvania, and 1% in Wisconsin. Scarborough expressed skepticism about the accuracy of these polls, criticizing the NYT’s methodology and suggesting ulterior motives behind their publication, particularly questioning the margin in Nevada.

“As I’ve said for the past couple of months, that – and I believe now that there is a conspiracy. I do believe in conspiracies,” Scarborough began to say. “I think psychiatrists in blue states have conspired with a New York Times/Siena pollster and said, listen, we’ll split the profits on psychiatric care if you guys will have the craziest methodology, which they always have. Maybe they’re trying to make up for ’20 when they skewed in Biden’s direction by about four or five points? But every one of these New York Times/Siena polls have been wildly skewed when you compare them to other polls that come out at the same time. And for those who say that’s not the case, we’ll be glad here at ‘Morning Joe,’ as you all know, we have a betting line. We’ll be glad to take all comers who think that Donald Trump is going to win Nevada by 12 points.”

Nationwide, Trump leads Biden by 1.1% according to the RealClearPolitics average for a 2024 head-to-head matchup. The averages also show Trump leading by 6.2% in Nevada, 5.2% in Arizona, 4.6% in Georgia, 2% in Pennsylvania, 0.8% in Michigan, and 0.6% in Wisconsin.

The New York Times right now is actively shaping the election cycles where this poll comes out on a Sunday and on Monday, people go, ‘oh,’ and I heard it. And I’m sitting there going, oh don’t be so stupid. That’s why we’re doing this,” Scarborough said.

Another MSNBC employee and data analyst, Mr. John Heilemann, tried to join in on the discussion and provide context for the results of the poll. But not before Scarborough lost his mind and just lost his marbles.

“Hold on a second! No, no, no. Hold on,” Scarborough went on to say. “What I hear is after these Siena polls come out, every time, New York Times poll news, well everything that Joe Biden has done since the State of the Union address, all this money he has put out, all of the campaigning is for naught. No, it’s not! No, it’s not! There’s one poll that’s wildly skewed every time and it does shape – if it’s a New York Times poll versus a Morning Consult poll and The New York Times then amplifies it 15, 16, 17, times, it warps reality and everybody responds to that in the media and in the political world.”

Recently, CNN’s top data analyst Harry Enten shared during a segment that the latest poll results from Joe Biden out of the “sun belt” states are an “absolute disaster”, sounding the alarm for the Biden campaign.

“These sun belt battleground states, frankly, for the Joe Biden campaign, these numbers are an absolute disaster,” Enten said. “The smallest lead is in Arizona for Donald Trump, he’s up six. Look at this, nine in Georgia, 13 in Nevada. My goodness, gracious, my god. That is a hugely — no Democrat has lost that state since John Kerry lost it back in 2004.”

You can watch the full MSNBC segment below. You’ll find Joe Scarborough starting to lose his mind around halfway through the video.

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