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Democrats launch last ditch offensive that left everyone scratching their heads


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The Left can see the writing on the walls. Their agenda is slowly losing ground.

And now Democrats launched a last ditch offensive that left everyone scratching their heads.

Democrats are losing the culture war whether they want to believe it or not.

Don’t get us wrong, they won vast swaths of territory over the past few decades.

But now many Americans are opting out of the monolithic machine they’ve concocted, and they won’t stand for it.

The persecution of Catholic, Jewish, and other religious schools that include even a trace of conventional morality within their faith will be a recurring issue in the coming years.

Democratic legislators, the legacy media, Left-wing non-profits, and liberal prosecutors will target, lawsuit, defund, and eventually shut down all conservative Christian schools that do not adhere to their moral code.

The latest anti-religion attack is in New York, and the Archbishop of New York has sounded the siren.

The Nonpublic Dignity for All Students Act, introduced recently by New York politicians, is an “anti-discrimination” bill. The measure would require private schools to adopt gender ideology, a new belief system that holds that a boy becomes a girl by identifying as one, and vice versa.

It underpins all Catholic teaching that men are men and women are women — that the two s*xes are complimentary, completely equal, and fundamentally different.

Legislation to impose gender ideology on all schools is legislation to prohibit the practice of Catholicism.

Cardinal Theodore Dolan, the Catholic Archbishop of New York, has raised the alarm.

The law could penalize Catholic schools for using masculine pronouns for a boy who identifies as a girl, requiring pupils to wear the uniform of their true s*x, or prohibiting boys from the girl’s locker room and girl’s sports.

Cardinal Dolan writes: “Essentially, they are telling our families: If you won’t toe the line and enroll your children in our government schools, we will force the policies of the government schools onto your schools.”

The “anti-discrimination” bills did not pass in Albany in 2024, but as Dolan writes in Compact, “Something tells me, though, that the threat of this unjust intrusion won’t be going away anytime soon.”

The secular liberal establishment will only increase the frequency and severity of its attacks on religious schools.

These assailants may claim to be maintaining the “Separation of Church and State,” but this is really a cover for anti-religious hatred.

They will target schools that do not or only indirectly get government funding.

Typically, the assailants will say that they are not targeting Catholicism or Christianity, but rather an extreme group of Catholics, Christians, Jews, or whomever.

This is also a lie, as evidenced by journalists claiming that they only target Christians who think their rights are derived from God and Catholics who revere the Blessed Mother.

In the face of this impending crusade, non-religious members of the press media and government must speak out in support of religious schools.

Stay tuned to the Conservative Column.


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