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Biden campaign stunned by recent loss that will end entire presidential bid


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The Biden campaign is floundering, and the radical Left knows it. But they are still trying to save it.

However, the Biden campaign was stunned by a recent loss that will end the entire presidential bid.

In a shocking financial display, the Trump campaign revealed on Tuesday that it raised a staggering $331 million in the second quarter of 2024, outpacing President Joe Biden’s campaign by $67 million. This significant lead highlights the lackluster support for the Biden campaign and shows the massive support Trump is receiving from the American people.

According to a press release from Trump campaign senior advisers Chris LaCivita and Susie Wiles, the campaign concluded June with an impressive $284.9 million in cash on hand, compared to Biden’s reported $240 million.

The advisors highlighted the campaign’s strong performance across April, May, and June, with a notable surge in June alone adding $111.8 million to the coffers.

“President Trump’s campaign fundraising operation is thriving day after day and month after month. Winning this quarter brought us a cash on hand advantage, which is punctuated by a Biden burn rate that grows while yielding no tangible results for them,” stated LaCivita and Wiles.

Despite President Biden’s campaign spending nearly $120 million on television, cable, and radio advertising, the Trump campaign continues to see growth in polling and voter enthusiasm.

The advisors pointed out that this heavy spending has not translated into significant gains for Biden, indicating potential trouble for his re-election bid.

A key driver behind Trump’s record-breaking fundraising was the surge in donations following his conviction in the New York City falsified business records trial.

The day after the conviction, the campaign reported receiving $34.8 million in small-dollar donations, almost doubling the previous highest single-day total on the WinRed platform.

Senior advisor Dan Scavino noted that the campaign’s donation page temporarily crashed on the evening after the verdict due to the overwhelming support from across the nation. In the 24 hours following the conviction, the campaign raised an unprecedented $52.8 million.

Trump’s sentencing for the NYC trial has been postponed until September 18, originally scheduled for July 11, just days before the Republican National Convention where he is expected to be officially named the party’s nominee. This delay strategically benefits Trump, allowing him to maintain momentum and capitalize on the fundraising surge.

The Trump campaign’s financial success underscores a unified Republican base rallying around the former president.

In contrast, the Democratic Party faces internal challenges, particularly in the wake of Biden’s lackluster debate performance. Trump’s campaign is poised to exploit these weaknesses, further consolidating support and financial resources as the election approaches.

From a conservative perspective, Trump’s fundraising prowess reflects a broader dissatisfaction with Biden’s administration. The robust support for Trump, evidenced by the massive influx of donations, signals a readiness among conservatives to reclaim the White House and reverse what they perceive as detrimental policies enacted under Biden.

As the campaign progresses, the Trump team is expected to leverage their financial advantage to maximize outreach and voter engagement.

The substantial cash on hand provides a solid foundation for a sustained campaign effort, encompassing advertising, grassroots mobilization, and strategic initiatives to galvanize conservative voters.

The Trump campaign’s ability to outpace Biden significantly in fundraising is not just a financial victory but also a moral boost, signaling strong voter enthusiasm and commitment to the former president’s vision for America.

With the Republican National Convention on the horizon, Trump’s campaign is well-positioned to maintain its momentum and drive toward victory in the 2024 election.

The second-quarter fundraising success of the Trump campaign, marked by a $331 million haul and a $67 million lead over Biden, sets the stage for a fiercely contested presidential race.

With a substantial cash reserve and growing voter enthusiasm, Trump’s campaign demonstrates the power of a united conservative base eager to challenge the current administration and restore conservative values to the White House.

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