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Bill Clinton ally makes strange eyebrow-raising comment about President Biden


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The Biden mania rages on. The Democrat Party is in the middle of a civil war.

And now a Bill Clinton close ally just made a super weird comment about President Biden that’s turning heads.

It is no overstatement that there is a cold, civil war going on within the Democrat Party over disagreements about the best path forward for the Party for this upcoming election cycle. The center of the debate is whether or not Joe Biden could legitimately serve as a solid nominee to take on the surging and ever popular Donald Trump.

Republican strategists and conservative political commentators are saying that the Democrats weren’t expecting Donald Trump to have such an incredible comeback unlike anything anyone has ever seen. His ability to connect with the American people has been a stark contrast to the Biden corner’s obvious gaslighting.

Even the media is going all in on trying to get Joe Biden to see some sense and step aside since all the signals point to him being in for a rough ride this November. The simple truth is that throughout the 2020 election, Joe Biden led Donald Trump by a cool ten points in the national surveys and now Trump is the one leading those same surveys by two to four points. Anyone with three brain cells left can see that if 2020 was close, then clearly Donald Trump is in the driver’s seat.

And still, the Democrat establishment is sinking their teeth in. They don’t want to give up control whatsoever. This is about as clear of a case of establishment old heads clutching onto their pearls of power as hard as possible. Joe Biden is keeping his circle tight and close, including only those who are willing to stick behind him despite his obvious mental decline.

In fact, a former Bill Clinton political strategist is now saying that to not go with Joe Biden would actually be “su*cide” for the Democrat Party, which is the exact opposite of what absolutely everyone has been saying for nearly two weeks now.

The Establishment Empire Strikes Back

In a candid discussion on Monday, a former pollster for President Bill Clinton, Mark Penn, urged the Democratic Party to rally behind President Joe Biden, emphasizing that the prospect of replacing him as the presidential nominee is highly improbable.

During a call into Morning Joe, President Biden reaffirmed his commitment to the race, challenging his critics to face him at the Democratic Convention in Chicago this August. “I keep telling people this, just listen to what he is saying: He’s running, he’s got the nomination, he won the primary, he’s got the delegates and that’s the end of it,” Penn remarked on America Reports with Sandra Smith. He stressed that Biden’s secured delegate count virtually guarantees his position as the nominee, making any attempt to replace him both impractical and detrimental to the party.

“The party is going to get in line or commit su*cide trying to undo his nomination, because he isn’t going anywhere and nobody is going to be taking the 25th Amendment and no one is taking him out of office. None of those things are happening. And so he’s the nominee and I think they are making that clear and I don’t think anyone in the party has any power to change that,” Penn added.

Biden’s campaign has faced turbulence, especially following a June 27 debate with former President Donald Trump on CNN. During this debate, Biden experienced several noticeable lapses, including moments where he lost his train of thought. These incidents have prompted calls for his withdrawal from prominent Democrats, including Rep. Lloyd Doggett of Texas. Reports from Axios and the New York Daily News indicate that at least eight additional Democrats have voiced similar concerns.

Despite these challenges, Penn remains skeptical about the wisdom of replacing Biden mid-campaign. “I’m an observer. Do I think that the Democratic Party would do better switching horses in midstream and seeming chaotic? I’m not sure that’s a very safe bet,” he said. He suggested that any replacement should follow constitutional norms, pointing to Vice President Kamala Harris as the only suitable alternative. “I think having a free-for-all at the convention with convention delegates, oh my God, that would be the biggest nightmare that any party could imagine.”

David Axelrod, a former Obama administration official, previously dismissed the notion of Biden being replaced. On a May 31 episode of Real Time with Bill Maher, Axelrod stated, “This is not 1968 where the convention is gonna decide, we changed the rules, voters nominate a candidate, they’ve nominated Joe Biden and he’s not going anywhere.”

In the latest polling data, Biden trails Trump by 3.3% in a national head-to-head matchup, according to the RealClearPolling average. This gap widens to 4.9% when factoring in independent candidates Cornel West and Robert F. Kennedy Jr., as well as Green Party candidate Jill Stein. Following the June 27 debate, Trump has extended his lead in polls conducted by The New York Times and Wall Street Journal, with the NYT/Siena College poll showing a six-point lead among likely voters and an eight-point lead among registered voters.

It will be interesting to see whether Democrat Party officials try to pull any stunt leading up to the Democrat convention considering Joe Biden is not crowned just yet.

Don’t be surprised if there’s an anti-Joe Biden campaign bloc of Democrats who are planning to pull the plug on him at the last minute with some trickery. No matter what, we’re in for a wild ride.

The Conservative Column will keep you updated on any major developments in the 2024 election cycle.


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