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Top Democrat makes a jaw-dropping accusation against Joe Biden’s handlers


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The Biden administration is on its last legs. But those around the president continue to limp him along.

And now a top Democrat made a jaw-dropping accusation against Joe Biden’s handlers.

The Democrat Party is fracturing. You’re either with Biden or against him at this point.

And plenty are against him.

Left-leaning filmmaker Michael Moore has lambasted President Biden’s campaign for what he calls “the cruelest form of elder abuse,” accusing them of pushing the 81-year-old to stay in the 2024 race despite his “epic distress” at the debate.

Moore, who has recently become a vocal critic of Biden, targeted the president’s team over the weekend amid increasing calls from Democrats for Biden to step down from his re-election campaign.

“If I have to be the only one to stand for Joe Biden — that’s right, you heard me say that — if I have to be the only one to stand up for Joe Biden here, to protect him from the cruelest form of elder abuse I’ve ever been forced to watch, well then that’s what I’ll do,” Moore declared on his Rumble podcast.

The Bowling for Columbine director expressed shock at Biden’s debate performance against former President Donald Trump, suggesting Biden should not only avoid running for another term but should consider leaving office before his current term ends.

“This is about whether he should serve another four days,” he said. “Let the doctors examine you. Then do the right thing.”

Moore dismissed excuses from Biden’s camp, such as jet lag and a cold, as “malarkey,” echoing one of Biden’s favorite terms.

“He was in epic distress that Thursday night. Every cognitive default in his mind seemed to be shutting down,” Moore said.

“If this had been somebody that you truly cared about, loved, embraced, what would you have done? Would you have seriously even let him go out on that stage?”

“Who would send an 81-year-old out onto any stage to debate a living monster at 9 o’clock at night for a brawl that would not end until 10:42 p.m.?

“Honestly, have any one of you ever looked at the clock, saw that it was getting near 11 p.m. and said to yourself, ‘I think I’m going to give Grams and Gramps a call’?”

Elsewhere, the Fahrenheit 9/11 director expressed amazement that Biden’s campaign staff still had jobs after the debate — a point Trump also highlighted mid-debate.

“Trump was right — I know, there’s words I’ve never spoken — Trump was right when he turned to Biden to ask him what his problem was as to why he never fires anybody,” Moore admitted.

“It’s amazing to me how a week later now, anyone on this campaign staff still has a job! How is that possible?!”

Moore even questioned whether Biden should remain in the White House until the election in November.

“President Biden, thank you for the good you have done. You will be remembered throughout the ages. But not if you let your enablers hound you into doing what your body is begging you not to do,” Moore continued.

“Be the one who not only stopped Trump but also the brave man who gave us our first woman in the Oval Office. She will complete your mission — and we will stand beside her. This is your moment in history.”

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