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Federal judge makes shocking ruling that will change elections forever


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The Left has been trying to destroy the integrity of elections in America for a long time. And now, have they finally won?

As a federal judge has made a shocking ruling that will change elections forever.

A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit on Thursday that was contesting a D.C. statute that permits non-citizens to cast ballots in local elections.

According to Fox News, this includes employees of foreign embassies and illegal immigrants.

The action lacked standing, according to a 12-page opinion finding by Judge Amy Berman Jackson, because the plaintiffs did not provide evidence of how non-citizens who vote in municipal elections and run for office affect them.

The Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI), a conservative legal organization with headquarters in Washington, D.C., filed the lawsuit.

In her writings, Jackson said that the complaint, “Does not include facts showing plaintiffs’ right to vote has been denied, that they have been subjected to discrimination or inequitable treatment or denied opportunities when compared to another group, or that their rights as citizens have been ‘subordinated merely because of [their] father’s country of origin.’”

She further said, “They identify nothing that has been taken away or diminished and no right that has been made subordinate to anyone else’s.”

The Local Resident Voting Rights Act, passed by the D.C. Council in October 2022, allows non-citizens to cast ballots in elections held in Washington, D.C., provided that they have lived there for a minimum of 30 days.

They are also permitted by law to serve on the city’s Board of Elections and compete for municipal office.

The U.S. Constitution’s Fifth Amendment is violated, according to the Immigration Reform Law Institute’s legal argument, and the law “dilutes the vote of every US citizen voter in the District.”

The IRLI argued that “Because it does so, the DC Noncitizen Voting Act is subject to review under both the equal protection and the substantive due process components of the Due Process Clause of the Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.”

The plaintiffs asked the court for an injunction to halt the law’s execution and prevent the Board of Elections from registering and tabulating votes cast by non-citizens.

“In sum, plaintiffs have not alleged that they have personally been subjected to any sort of disadvantage as individual voters by virtue of the fact that noncitizens are permitted to vote, too,” Judge Jackson ruled in dismissing the lawsuit due to lack of standing.

Jackson continued, saying, “They may object as a matter of policy to the fact that immigrants get to vote at all, but their votes will not receive less weight or be treated differently than noncitizens’ votes; they are not losing representation in any legislative body; nor have citizens as a group been discriminatorily gerrymandered, ‘packed’ or ‘cracked’ to divide, concentrate, or devalue their votes.”

“At bottom, they are simply raising a generalized grievance which is insufficient to confer standing.”

The radical Left used to hide their hatred of America, and they used to at least attempt to disguise their disgust for our Constitution.

But now, they have removed their gloves and are not holding back.

Don’t be mistaken, the Left is out to completely annihilate the United States and destroy everything we stand for.

Joe Biden’s open border policies are completely flooding the nation with illegal immigrants.

And the Left tried to laugh at news companies that were claiming immigrants were being used by Democrats as more votes.

But now, the proof is irrefutable and Americans are outraged.

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