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New Trump report has Democrats shaking in their boots


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The radical Left is terrified of Trump, and they cannot imagine what would happen if he took back the White House. But now, things are getting intense.

And a new Trump report has Democrats completely terrified.

According to recent polls, young voters are still moving away from Joe Biden more and more and supporting former President Trump.

According to the most recent Harvard Youth Poll, which was released this week, 37% of respondents between the ages of 18 and 29 supported the previous president, while 45% supported President Biden.

Politico reports that Biden had a 23-point advantage among these voters at this same time in 2020.

Setti Warren, director of the Harvard Institute of Politics (IOP), said of the survey that “young people today have clear concerns about where our country is headed.”

“From worries about the economy, foreign policy, immigration, and climate, young people across the country are paying attention and are increasingly prepared to make their voices heard at the ballot box this November,” he said.

The two candidates’ margins were much tighter, according to a March Reuters/Ipsos survey.

Among respondents aged 18 to 29, 29% supported President Biden and 26% supported former President Trump. The others were not sure who to support or were indecisive.

Reuters reports that Biden won the youth vote by 24 points in 2020, meaning that the current 3-point margin represents a substantial victory for former President Trump.

Isayah Turner, 23, stated to the site, “I cannot think of one thing that Trump did that upset me while he was in office.”

“And now with Biden in office, there are countless things I disagree with.” He added, “A lot of my friends are on the same page as me.”

Another young voter, 26-year-old security guard Steve Wendt, commented, “I make decent money and I can’t afford a home on the salary I make now.”

“It’s time to get a man back into office that is going to lower our prices.”

Twenty persons were interviewed by Reuters, and fifteen of them gave the economy and inflation as the main justifications for their support of former President Trump.

Caitlyn Huenink, 20, stated that she has observed many of her friends grow more accepting of Republicans.

“They’re more open to the way I think and more of my friends are becoming Republican,” she stated to the newspaper.

These changes were also evident in the Marist College survey from March, where Trump defeated Biden by 2 points among millennials and Generation Z.

According to the survey, 61% of those in the 18–29 age range are unhappy with Biden’s performance.

These new reports highlight how terrible of a job the Left is doing, and it shows that Americans are unhappy with their radical agenda.

More and more people are waking up to the oppression from the Left and are voting against these radical politicians who seem so bent on destroying this nation.

It is time to stop voting for politicians who will put America last…we must vote for leaders who will support this nation and the citizens of it.

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