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MSNBC host stops the charade by making this major confession about Donald Trump live on air


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The Fake News Media talking heads don’t want to confront the truth. But there’s no more hiding.

And now an MSNBC host has decided to cut the BS and made this major confession about Donald Trump live on air.

Something very interesting is happening to the major “legacy” media outlets like CNN, MSNBC, and ABC right now. They’re being forced to take a different angle compared to election years of the past.

Traditionally, the Fake News Media talking heads are just puppets for the network bosses who want their narrative being peddled and pushed onto listeners at all costs. That’s nothing new, plenty of Americans are aware of this. It happened in 2008 with Barack Obama being pushed as a “reset” for America, it happened in 2016 when Hillary Clinton was being sold as the “most qualified” presidential candidate of all time.

In election years, the standard operation procedure for these legacy media outlets is two-fold. Firstly, you never act like the “preferred” candidates (usually Democrats are RINOs) are ever at risk of losing. Never give them bad press, always position them as trustworthy.

Secondly, demonize the political opposition with everything you’ve got. It doesn’t matter if it’s made up lies. Whatever it takes to demonize political opposition, this is what the radicals in the Fake News Media will do to “win.”

But something different is happening right now in the 2024 election. Instead of the Fake News Media pretending like Joe Biden has no kinks in his armor, they are admitting that he is actually in serious trouble to losing a second term to surging candidate and former President Donald Trump.

Just recently on CNN, Jim Acosta admitted he was astonished that Donald Trump is actually faring better today than he was in January of 2021 after leaving office in terms of American voter sentiment on his first term in office. The CNN data analysts had found that the former president had experienced a ten point lift in surveys asking voters whether they viewed his first term as a success.

The only thing you can point to in trying to explain that is an absolutely horrible Joe Biden presidency that has American voters, even Joe Biden voters, questioning whether the nation made the wrong choice back in the 2020 election cycle.

MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski and her co-host Joe Scarborough recently had on Al Sharpton and some others and were discussing the violent outbreaks of anti-Israel protesters all over the nation. Al Sharpton went on a little monologue that, honestly, made no sense whatsoever. He went off on a tangent about somehow those “evil right-wingers” want to use this controversy to kick black people out of office.

“But, when they predict, Mika, there’s going to be problems in Chicago for the democratic convention, there gonna be problems in L.A., UCLA … the mayor of Chicago is a black man named Brandon Johnson. And are you gonna impact the fact that there’s a right-wing there that would love to see problems that bring him out. Or Karen Bass in L.A. There are different factors here that we need to understand soberly,” Al Sharpton said.

Okay, not sure what any of that is supposed to mean. But he’s an odd one, so we’ll move on. He eventually got back to the matter at hand, and declared Donald Trump to be the most “anti-Palestinian” candidate there is.

“The other last point I want to make that bothers me is Donald Trump went and did two states yesterday, two rallies. I didn’t see any pro-Palestinian marches there, and he’s more anti-Palestinian state than anybody in this race,” Sharpton went on to say. “But Trump is getting a pass?” he then asked rhetorically.

He then claimed that Donald Trump is an “enemy” of peace here, which is super ironic considering none of this happened on Donald Trump’s watch. Not even a hint of it at all.

“Let’s keep our eye on the prize of who the real enemy of both the Israelis and the Palestinians in terms of a two-state solution is,” he claimed.

But what Mika said right after him is what you don’t want to miss. She outright admitted that this issue may very well be what ultimately elects Donald Trump. Not only that, but she said it as if she believes it could be a forgone conclusion.

“This elects Trump in so many ways if it escalates or continues to do so,” Brzezinski ended the discussion saying. You can watch the clip below:

With so many Democrat mouth pieces squirming about how Donald Trump is performing extremely well in the national surveys, it makes you wonder if there’s a chance Joe Biden doesn’t actually make it on the ballot this November.

There’s a reason why so many people are throwing out names like Gavin Newsom and Michelle Obama as possible replacements for Joe Biden. They have said they aren’t going to be running, and the DNC is giving lip service to the Joe Biden campaign. Meanwhile, all of the radical Left is panicking about Joe Biden being, frankly, unelectable for a second term in office.

That’s new for the Fake News Media. One has to wonder if the decision isn’t yet made about what to do about Joe Biden’s sinking presidency.

The Conservative Column will keep you updated on any major news of the 2024 election cycle.


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