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Joe Biden’s newest promise has Americans horrified and disgusted


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Joe Biden and the radical Left seem focused on making the lives of Americans miserable. But now, the disrespect and hatred for American citizens is obvious.

And Joe Biden’s newest promise has Americans horrified and disgusted.

President Joe Biden recently sparked controversy and criticism with his claim on social media that his administration is committed to keeping promises and not leaving anyone behind.

The claim, posted on X along with an image of Biden standing before an American flag, wearing his signature aviator sunglasses, has been met with anger, especially in light of recent policy decisions that seem to contradict his bold declaration.

The timing of Biden’s post was particularly ill-received, coming just a day after he announced his intention to withhold previously approved military aid to Israel if they pursued a ground operation in Gaza against Hamas terrorists.

This decision, as political commentator Guy Benson pointed out, demonstrated a major inconsistency between Biden’s proclaimed values and his actions.

It highlights a pattern of decisions where Biden’s administration appears to prioritize political optics over strategic, supportive actions in foreign policy.

The credibility of Biden’s statement was further undermined by several poignant reminders of Americans left in vulnerable situations abroad during his presidency.

Critics were quick to recall the chaotic and tragic withdrawal from Afghanistan, where American citizens and Afghan allies were left to fend for themselves against advancing Taliban forces.

This event has remained a glaring example of Biden’s administration failing to protect those it pledged to support, directly contradicting his claim of leaving no one behind.

Moreover, the ongoing crisis in Gaza, where American hostages remain in peril, and the unstable situation in Haiti, where Americans have also faced danger, were cited as further evidence that Biden’s administration has not lived up to its commitments.

Each of these instances illustrates a failure to adequately secure the safety and well-being of American citizens abroad, raising serious questions about the integrity and reliability of Biden’s leadership.

Social media users and political leaders alike have expressed their dismay and frustration over these discrepancies.

Former Governor Scott Walker highlighted the dire situation of Americans who found themselves in Afghanistan and Gaza, emphasizing the peril they faced due to what many see as Biden’s negligence or misjudgment.

Similarly, CNN commentator Scott Jennings sarcastically noted the specific exclusions to Biden’s promises, underscoring the growing public perception of Biden’s assurances as hollow.

The backlash culminated in a damning critique from Spencer Brown, managing editor of Townhall, who mockingly referred to Biden as “Ironclad Joe.”

Brown’s comments encapsulated the widespread frustration and disillusionment with Biden’s failure to match his words with actions, particularly in matters of national and international security.

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1 month ago

The only thing reliable about Biden is he will screw things up and make a big fool out of himself