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Kellyanne Conway put a knife in Donald Trump’s back with this ridiculous statement


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Donald Trump is no stranger to being betrayed. But this one just goes too far.

Because Kellyanne Conway’s put a knife in Donald Trump’s back with this utterly ridiculous statement.

Back in 2020, Kellyanne Conway’s falling out with the Trump administration was a little strange to say the least. She was once a staunch defender of Donald Trump and a real star on his team, but that all changed virtually overnight.

In June of 2019, Kellyanne Conway was accused by the Office of Special Counsel of “unprecedented” Hatch Act violations for engaging in political activity of which that is barred for those serving the White House directly.

Then, in August of 2020, she announced that she would be leaving the Trump administration for good. It was a strange time considering the election was just a few months away and there was seemingly no benefit to leaving at that time.

Since leaving the Trump administration, she’s been fairly busy. She is now a Fox News contributor and has been a regular for Fox News shows like The Five, Hannity, Outnumbered, and more.

Today, Kellyanne Conway still says she supports Donald Trump and would like to see him get a second term in office. She just recently went on Bill Maher’s show to put Joe Biden on blast for the horrible job he’s done so far.

But what no one saw coming next was the unholy alliance she’d be creating with a former Barack Obama advisor and campaign manager.

Kellyanne Conway and David Plouffe, former top aides to Donald Trump and Barack Obama respectively, have joined forces to launch a new podcast titled The Campaign Managers – and it’s causing quite a stir.

In a recent announcement on X (formerly known as Twitter), Conway revealed that the podcast, set to debut on May 22, will explore the intricacies of the upcoming 2024 election. Promising to dive beyond mere headlines, the duo aims to dissect current campaign strategies, analyze pivotal issues shaping the political sphere, and share their firsthand experiences managing the groundbreaking campaigns of Trump and Obama.

She says the two will “delve deep into the complexities of the 2024 election where we’ll go beyond the headlines to dissect the latest campaign strategies, analyze the pressing issues shaping the political landscape, and share our first-hand experiences running the campaigns of history-making Presidential candidates Donald Trump and Barack Obama.”

Plouffe echoed Conway’s sentiments, expressing his aspiration that listeners will benefit from gaining insights from both sides of the political spectrum. He hopes the podcast will serve as a platform for understanding how campaigns evaluate elections, capitalize on opportunities, and navigate challenges.

“We’ve both run and won Presidential elections and hope listeners will gain value by hearing in one place how both sides assess the election and how the campaigns can take advantage of opportunities and mitigate challenges,” Plouffe wrote on X himself.

This announcement has garnered a ton of attention from those on both ends of the political aisle. Conservatives are wondering why Kellyanne Conway would be setting up a podcast with a former Obama aide.

All that this new teaming up accomplishes is blurring the lines and trying to create a bridge between two people that are, seemingly, worlds apart from each other.

Is Kellyanne Conway really just in the political game for herself? Is she actually interested in seeing Donald Trump get a second term in office, or is this all just a game for her?

These are the questions some conservatives are now asking of Kellyanne Conway. Sure, maybe it’s just an innocent little side venture for Conway and Plouffe. But it’s a strange alliance to be making, no doubt.

The Conservative Column will keep you updated on any further developments in this story.


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