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Trump’s shocking new comments show just how scared Democrats really are


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The radical Left acts like they have the election in the bag. But the situation is much different.

And Trump’s shocking new comments show just how scared Democrats really are.

Former President Donald Trump suggested last Wednesday that there is still a scenario where the Democratic Party might be compelled to remove President Joe Biden from their 2024 ticket due to concerns over his health and mental fitness.

Trump’s remarks came during an interview with radio host Hugh Hewitt, where he touched on various topics, including Biden’s recent debate challenge.

During the interview, Hewitt asked Trump about Biden’s debate challenge, which the president issued earlier that morning in a 14-second video featuring five noticeable jump cuts.

In the video, Biden taunted Trump with the phrase, “make my day,” while challenging him to debates in June and September, with vice presidential debates in July.

“President Biden just issued you a debate challenge for June and September with the veeps talking in July. Do you accept?” Hewitt asked. Trump responded affirmatively, expressing his eagerness to debate.

“Oh, absolutely. I’ve been trying to get, you know, he’s issuing it. I wonder whether or not he shows up because, you know, he also challenged me to golf. So I’m a very good golfer. He can’t hit a ball 50 yards. He said I’ll give him three a side, but he knows he’ll never play. This is sort of like that, I think. But I hope not because I really think he has to debate.”

Trump emphasized that an earlier debate would be more beneficial for Biden. “He might as well get it over with, probably should do it early so that he can, you know, because he’s not going to get any better. … Every day is a down factor for him.”

Hewitt then pressed Trump on whether he believed the Democrats would consider replacing Biden if his health deteriorated further.

“Do you think if his infirmity increases, they will dump him, Mr. President, at the convention, replace him with Kamala or Gavin or someone like that?”

“I do. I do,” Trump replied, adding, “I don’t think they’ll have a choice.”

The former president’s comments underscore a broader concern among Republicans regarding Biden’s fitness for office.

Since taking office, Biden has faced scrutiny over his cognitive abilities and physical health, with critics pointing to his frequent verbal gaffes and moments of apparent confusion as evidence that he might not be up to the demands of the presidency.

Trump’s willingness to debate Biden is also indicative of his confidence in his own abilities and his eagerness to directly challenge the incumbent president on a national stage.

For Trump, a debate would be an opportunity to highlight what he perceives as Biden’s failures and to contrast them with his own record and policy proposals.

The notion that the Democrats might replace Biden on the 2024 ticket is not far-fetched.

With Biden’s approval ratings struggling and concerns growing about his age and health, the party could find itself in a difficult position.

If Biden’s condition were to worsen, the Democrats might indeed feel pressured to nominate a different candidate who could better galvanize the base and appeal to swing voters.

Kamala Harris, as the sitting vice president, would be a natural choice for the Democrats if they decided to replace Biden.

However, her own approval ratings have been abysmal, and there is significant debate within the party about her electability on a national stage.

As the election approaches, these dynamics will only intensify, with both parties maneuvering to position themselves favorably with the American electorate.

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