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Liberal leader makes shocking anti-Israel comments and blames Jews for Biden’s failures


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The radical Left has had a bad habit of blaming Israel after the horrific terror attacks on October 7th. But now, these recent comments have crossed a line.

And a liberal leader has made shocking anti-Israel comments and has blamed Jews for Biden’s failures.

In a recent appearance on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports, Senator Chris Coons (D-DE), who also serves as the Biden Campaign Co-Chair, made some notable comments regarding the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

Coons acknowledged the complexities of delivering humanitarian aid amidst the ongoing conflict but placed significant emphasis on the destructive actions of Hamas and the challenges faced by Israel in this volatile situation.

Senator Coons highlighted that the most effective way to ensure humanitarian aid reaches Gaza is through a ceasefire agreement and the release of hostages held by Hamas.

He pointed out that Hamas has the power to end the conflict immediately by releasing hostages and ceasing their attacks.

This, according to Coons, would facilitate the smooth distribution of aid to the suffering civilians in Gaza.

“Deconfliction is something I’ve raised directly with [Prime Minister] Netanyahu, and so have many American leaders, including our President. It is very difficult to distribute aid in the middle of a warzone. And the physical destruction on the ground in Gaza has been catastrophic,” Coons stated.

Coons emphasized that while Hamas bears significant responsibility for the continuation of the conflict, Israel also has a duty to work closely with the international community to ensure aid delivery.

The senator urged Israel to “fully partner with the international community to deliver aid.”

“The Erez gate in the north has been reopened, and this pier…is helping reduce the humanitarian suffering, but not at the rate that we need. Israel needs to fully partner with the international community to deliver aid,” Coons said.

Senator Coons praised President Joe Biden’s relentless efforts in addressing the humanitarian concerns and working towards a resolution.

He noted that President Biden has been “tireless in being attentive to the concerns of the hostage families.”

There are currently several Americans among the hostages held by Hamas, highlighting the international dimension of the crisis.

“We have pushed Hamas indirectly through Qatar and Egypt as hard as we can. And President Biden has been tireless in being attentive to the concerns of the hostage families. There are several, I think eight, Americans currently still held,” Coons mentioned.

Senator Coons did not shy away from reminding viewers of the brutal attack carried out by Hamas on October 7, which resulted in the deaths of Americans and people from numerous other countries.

This attack has had a profound impact on the international community’s perception of the conflict and has reinforced the necessity for a strong response to terrorism.

“I’ll remind you, on October 7, Hamas carried out a horrific terrorist attack that killed Americans, as well as people from two dozen countries around the world. And there are hostages being held today by Hamas beneath Gaza, from all faiths and backgrounds and from more than a dozen countries,” Coons stated.

Senator Coons underscored the urgent need for a resolution that addresses both the immediate humanitarian crisis and the long-term security concerns.

He reiterated that the situation could dramatically improve if Hamas were to release the hostages and cease their attacks. However, he also acknowledged the complexities involved and the ongoing efforts required to navigate these challenges.

“I think more folks need to be aware of the fact that this could end tomorrow if Hamas would release the hostages and stop the fighting. But, frankly, it is a difficult and fraught situation and one where being attentive to the humanitarian crisis is a key part of President Biden’s response,” Coons concluded.

It is clear that Israel’s right to defend itself against terrorist threats should not be compromised.

The international community must recognize the significant efforts Israel makes under extraordinary pressure and support their actions to maintain security and stability in the region.

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