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Leaked document from Congress horrifies the Biden White House


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The Biden administration wasn’t expecting this at all. They’ve been thrown a devastating curveball.

As this leaked document from Congress has completely horrified the Biden White House.

Surge in Illegal Immigrant “Gotaways” Under Biden Administration

The number of illegal immigrant “gotaways” has skyrocketed to nearly two million under the Biden administration, according to a congressional source. Gotaways refer to illegal immigrants who escape into the interior of the country after being observed by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials but before being apprehended.

Roughly 1.9 million gotaways have been recorded since President Joe Biden took office, the source from Congress confirmed with reporters recently. Additionally, Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) non-detained docket, which includes cases of migrants released into the U.S. interior, has exploded to 7.4 million cases and is on track to hit eight million by the end of the year.

Criticism from House Committee on Homeland Security Chairman

House Committee on Homeland Security Chairman Mark Green criticized the Biden administration’s immigration policies, stating:

“These numbers are further proof of President Biden and Secretary Mayorkas’ radical commitment to open borders, and the secretary’s high crimes and misdemeanors committed to make them a reality. The laws passed by substantial bipartisan majorities in Congress make very clear that illegal aliens must be detained, but Biden and Mayorkas have instead directed and overseen the mass release of illegal aliens into our communities.”

The number of known gotaways has been steadily increasing in recent years. More than 1.6 million known gotaways were recorded between fiscal years 2021 and 2023, eclipsing the total number of gotaways recorded during the Trump and Obama administrations from fiscal years 2010 to 2020.

Due to the huge influx of asylum seekers appearing at the U.S.-Mexico border, an increasing number are being released from physical detention and allowed to roam freely in the interior of the U.S., being enrolled in ICE’s Alternative to Detention program. The non-detained docket, which currently sits at 7.4 million cases, has more than doubled since Biden entered office.

Chairman Green noted that the Biden administration has “consistently” requested fewer ICE beds to detain migrants and isn’t utilizing all the beds currently available. He stated, “Would-be border crossers around the world are making the bet that if they cross under this administration, they will be released into the interior. These numbers show that’s usually a winning wager to make.”

The Biden Administration’s Lack of Transparency

Since taking office, the illegal immigration and border crisis issue has been worsening, and everyone knows it. However, the Biden administration has been pretending like the issues have actually been improving as a result of Joe Biden’s policies. He argues that illegal immigration is more under control now than it was during the Trump tenure, a claim many Americans find tough to buy.

Meanwhile, the Biden campaign has been trying to blame Republicans in Congress for any failures of the federal government to secure the border. So on the one hand, they are claiming everything is fine and Americans can be proud of Joe Biden’s work on immigration, and then on the other hand they blame Republicans for worsening immigration issues.

Which is it?

Here’s the Biden administration’s Alejandro Mayorkas appearing on CNN to say that Joe Biden’s work on the border is the “model” for future administrations.

If two million “gotaways” is their idea of success and getting the issue under control, then one would shudder to think of what their idea of failure is.

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