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Joe Biden signs amnesty order and is immediately slapped with wake up call from Trump


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President Biden just crossed the line. Now he’s facing the consequences.

Because immediately after signing an amnesty order he’s been slapped with a Trump wake up call.

The idea of amnesty for illegal immigrants simply isn’t one that is going to ever sit well with the American people. The Democrats, however, are intent on trying to ram it down the throats of American citizens. That’s what their virtue signals like “no one is illegal” truly represent.

That being said, it’s a move that could be a major roadblock for Democrats in future elections. Donald Trump made immigration a major focal point for his 2016 election campaign, and he’s once again taking immigration as an opportunity to bolster his election odds for this November.

Which is what makes Joe Biden’s recent amnesty order so confusing. He’s severely underwater in all the polls and surveys of American voters when it comes to the immigration issue. Combine that with an overall approval rating that is a dumpster fire, you’d think he’d stay away from moves that are obviously politically dubious. Apparently not the case.

In the wake of this amnesty order, even CNN is acknowledging that Donald Trump is wiping the floor with Joe Biden on trust from the average American voter. Even CNN’s Harry Enten let out a shocked “Oh My” during a segment detailing just how badly Joe Biden is doing compared to 2020.

Increasing Opposition to Illegal Immigration: A Boon for Trump and a Bane for Biden

In a recent analysis, CNN’s senior data reporter Harry Enten highlighted a significant shift in American public opinion regarding illegal immigration, a trend that could have profound implications for the 2024 presidential election. According to Enten, growing opposition to illegal immigration is likely to benefit former President Donald Trump while posing challenges for President Joe Biden.

A recent CBS/YouGov poll reveals that over 60% of Americans now support the deportation of all illegal immigrants residing in the United States. This sentiment is widespread, encompassing a diverse array of demographics including most men, women, independents, conservatives, moderates, Republicans, individuals with varying levels of education, and people over the age of 30.

On CNN News Central, Enten explained that these findings indicate a more stringent stance on illegal immigration compared to previous elections, positioning Trump as the primary beneficiary for the upcoming 2024 race. He noted the stark contrast over time: in 2016, only 40% of Americans favored such mass deportation, a figure that has surged to 62% in the latest poll.

Enten further pointed out that over 50% of Hispanic Americans also support the deportation of all illegal immigrants, underscoring the broadening scope of this view across different ethnic groups.

This shift in public opinion has significantly altered the political landscape. Enten highlighted a key poll question comparing voter preferences on immigration between the 2020 and 2024 elections. In August 2020, Biden was preferred over Trump by seven points on immigration issues. However, by May 2024, Trump had gained an 11-point advantage over Biden, reflecting the public’s increasingly hawkish views on illegal immigration.

During a discussion on Tuesday, CNN host Jim Acosta and commentator Scott Jennings confronted Democratic strategist Maria Cardona with these poll results when she argued that Hispanics do not support mass deportation. Jennings asserted the accuracy of the poll, urging Cardona to verify the data.

The backdrop to these shifting opinions includes the ongoing situation at the southern border. Reports indicate that there have been over six million encounters at the border since Biden took office. Despite recent executive orders on asylum, there has been no significant reduction in the pace of illegal immigration, according to sector reports, internal data, and local officials.

Additionally, the Biden administration continues to insist that most Americans are asking for amnesty to be passed and that their most recent order will resonate with the average American going to the polls this November.

This evolving narrative on illegal immigration is poised to play a critical role in shaping voter preferences and could be a decisive factor in the upcoming presidential election. As Americans increasingly favor tougher immigration policies, the political fortunes of Trump and Biden may hinge on their responses to this pressing issue.

Simply put, Joe Biden’s doubling down on this extreme order is odd considering how bad it looks to a voter base that is hardly on board with such a drastic measure.

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